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  • N64 | Submitted by Anomymous

    Really Good Group Charmander Pics

    Volcano Course

    When you get to the part where you see the Moltres egg, DON'T KNOCK IT OFF! When you stop moving, start throwing a whole bunch of apples all over the area to the left of you (where the Charmanders are) and when theres a whole bunch of Charmanders right in front of you, play the poke flute and they will all start staring at you. Snap a pic! You get a lot of points.

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    List of all 63 Pokemon

    -Shellder-It will pop out of the water in the river course

    -Poliwag-Hit it with pester balls in the river course until one jumps in the water.

    -Staryu-Snap it in the valley course

    -Eevee-Snap it in the volcano course

    -Koffing-Snap it in the cave course, it will be chasing jigglypuff

    -Magnemite-throw an apple on the ground in front of it at the end of the tunnel course. After you throw an apple at it THEN you can snap it.

    -Weepinbell-Snap it circling a tiny lake in the cave course.

    -Starmie-Snap some staryus in the valley course. They should follow you then jump into a water cyclone and pop out as starmies.

    -Lapras- Snap it in the ocean in the beach course.

    -Cloyster-Snap some shellders in the river course and it should eventually pop out next to them.

    -Charizard-Toss a apple or pester ball at the charmeleon circling the lava at the end of the volcano course.

    -Charmeleon-Toss an apple between the magmar and charmander on the little island in the volcano course.

    -Charmander-Snap it in the volcano course.

    -Articuno-Play the poke flute near the jynx's egg. They will start dancing and the egg will burst open and articuno will be released.

    -Goldeen-It pops up when you throw apples or pester balls in the valley course.

    -Geodude-Throw a pester ball at them while there on the mountain in the valley course.

    -Magikarp-It appears practically in every course when you throw either a pester ball or an applle at the water.

    -Vileplume-There is a smoky flower in the river course. Throw lots of pester balls at it and it will turn into vileplume.

    -Metapod-Snap it in the river course.

    -Dratini-Throw pester balls at the water near the cyclone in the valley course.

    -Electabuzz- Snap it in the tunnel course.

    -Sandshrew-Knock down a graveler and a sandshrew will pop up.

    -Butterfree-Snap it in the beach course.

    -Pidgey-Snap it in the beach course.

    -Diglett-Snap it in the tunnel course.

    -Jynx-Snap it in the cave course.

    -Growlithe-Throw pester balls at some of the mini volcanos at the end of the volcano course.

    -Ditto-Throw pester balls at some bulbasaurs in the cave course.

    -Porygon-At the end of the river course, you will see a moving thing on you right stuck to a wall. Throw a pester ball at it and porygon will jump out. Throw more pester balls at it and it will show its true colors.

    -Squirtle-Throw a pester ball at its shell when its in the water at the beginning of the valley course. Then snap it.

    -Snorlax-Play the poke flute when you get to the big sleeping green thing at the beach course.

    -Haunter-Snap the little smoky ball of purple stuff going in a circle in the tunnel course

    -Doduo-Snap it in the beach course.

    -Muk-Snap the first two grimers you see a lot, then you will see a third grimer. Throw three pester balls at it and it will turn into muk.

    -Victreebell-Almost at the end of the cave course, you will see a weepinbell. Hit with an apple and it will fall in and it will turn into victreebell.

    -Grimer-Snap it in the cave course.

    -Vulpix-Snap it in the volcano course.

    -Scyther-In the beach course, throw a whole bunch of pester balls in the grass with flowers. Scyther will eventually pop out.

    -Zapdos-In the tunnel course, you will see pikachu next an egg. Lure pikachu over to the egg with apples then play the poke flute. Pikachu will zap it open and zapdos will appear.

    -Slowbro-In the river course, lure slowpoke over to the shellder sign. He will dip his tail in the water and turn into slowbro.

    -Mankey-Snap him in the valley course.

    -Psyduck-Snap it in the river course.

    -Kakuna-Snap it in the river course.

    -Magneton-Throw apples at magnemite till they all come together and form magneton.

    -Zubat-Snap it in the cave course.

    -Dragonite-In the valley course, there is a water cyclone. Throw four pester balls in it and dragonite will pop out.

    -Kangaskhan-Snap in the beach course.

    -Slowpoke-Snap it in the river course.

    -Rapidash-Snap it in the volcano course

    -Chansey-Throw a pester ball at the rolling pink ballin the beach course.

    -Sandslash-Knock a geodude down and a sandslash will pop out.

    -Meowth-Snap it in the beach course.

    -Electrode-Snap it in the tunnel course

    -Dugtrio-Snap all the digletts in the tunnel level and next to one of the pikachus a dugtrio will pop out.(I forgot how to get this one so this is how i thought i got it)

    -Arcanine-Throw pester balls into one of the mini volcanos.

    -Bulbasaur- Snap it in the cave course.

    -Gyrados-In the valley course, hit the magikarp toward the mankey. The later on knock the magikarp into the waterfall. Then gyrados will come out.

    -Graveler-Knock down both geodudes in the valley course and then graveler will jump down.

    -Moltres-Knock the egg down in the volcano course and moltres will jump back out.

    -Pikachu-Pikachu appears in multiple levels.

    -Magmar-Snap it in the volcano course.

    -Jigglypuff-Snap it the cave course.

    -Mew-When you unlock all the levels and find all the signs, you will get to go to Rainbow Cloud. It's a bonus place and it only has one pokemon. Mew. To snap it, throw pester balls or apples at it's shield. Eventually, itwillpop out of its shield and you'll be able to snap mew!

  • N64 | Submitted by det_det

    Get Ditto!

    At the cave stage, throw a pester ball at any bulbasaur and it will turn into a ditto! throw a pester ball at all three and all will turn to dittos! duh!

  • N64 | Submitted by Stephanie

    Get up close to Lapras

    message: If you want Lapras to get closer to you in the Beach level, just keep an eye out for them in the water and take a picture of every Lapras you see...then eventually at the near end Lapras will be up close!

  • N64 | Submitted by pika tograpgrapher

    Easy way to get Schtyer

    This is simple when you come up to the first bush were meowth is chasing pidgy quickly wap a pester ball at meowth when he is on the tracks than quickly toss as many pester balls in to the bush than peg meowth again than wap more balls into the bush and he will pop out

  • N64 | Submitted by Wicked Souls

    Here's how to get an easy snap out of Mewtwo.

    Don't turn around, just stand in one spot.
    Mew will appear. When he swirves, throw a pester ball at just the right time and he'll ram into it. Do this 2 more times. The green shield will break.
    He'll appear again in a yellow shield. Turn in the direction he's going and smack him when he comes. Do it 2 more times.
    Now, the heartbeat thing comes, and Mew chases his now lost barrier. Snap him if you want, but you can get Mucho Grande points if you smack him with a Pester Ball and snap him when he's facing you.
    Note that, when I did the thing above, I got 8,520 points. Try it for yourself!

  • N64 | Submitted by Jason Hartigan

    Pickahcu Hint

    There is another way to get the speed Pickachu insted of throwing an apple just take a picture and he will run

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    MAGNETON: To get Magneton, throw Pokemon food toward the three Magnemite.If they're close enough they'll link up into Magneton.
    DUGTRIO: When you see Diglett, take a picture of it. Take another picture of Diglett when Pikachu moves.Do this step again. Dugtrio will appear after the third Diglett.
    Slowbro: Lead Slowpoke with the Pokemon food toward the wooden Shellder sign.Slowpoke will stick his tail in the water and evolve.
    STARMIE: Take a picture of Staryu when it's facing you. If you're lucky, Staryu's jewel will change color.Staryu starts to follow you and jumps into the whirlpool.You have to quickly take a picture of Starmie before it disappears.
    MUK: Get the second Grimer to face you, then take some pictures. When you see the three Dittos pretending to be Bulbasaur throw four or five Pester Balls at the Grimer on the left.

  • N64 | Submitted by infiltrator999

    How to beat Volcano's challenge score easy

    Take one pic. of each pokemon.(only one,it doesn't matter if it is any good)Then when you get to the egg,don't hit it.Let it stop you.Get the charmanders to your left to call out thier buddies.Then get them all real close,and play your flute.They will be facing you and make sure you get them all in the pic.Take a lot picures but save only 4 left.Then hit the egg and take one pic of moltres,one of charmeleon,growlithe,and one of Charizard.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Many Charmanders

    To get a picture of a lot Charmanders, in the Volcano level, get stuck behind Moltre's egg and throw apples at the Charmanders on your left. They'll then call out for more Charmanders and you can get a shot of many Charmanders together.

  • N64 | Submitted by Loco49

    How To Get Mew

    You have to get the 6 PKMN signs on the island.
    1st sign - Is on the left side when you see pikacu turn to the left and you will see rocks with grass on them. Zoom in the middle of it till the dot turn red and snap your picture (take more than one just in case).
    2nd sign - throw apples till pikacu is right next to the egg in the tunnel. Play the flute if have it and when the bird pops out just wait you reach a shadow figure on the right and snap.
    3rd sign - At the beginning of the volcanco throw a pester ball in the lava pit on your left and take a pic of the smoke (you have to be quick or else you'll miss it).
    4th sign - You must have the flute for this to work. play the flute around slowpok and on your right the smoke from the mushroom will be gone and it will be a pokemon dancing. take a pic of the figure above it with the grass on the head.
    5th sign - In the cave when you see jigglypuff being chased by koffing look to your left and there will be 5 or 6 shining stars or something shining on the wall and take a pic of it.
    6th sign - If you look carfully at the first mankey you see look at the three big pillar looking mountains. That should be the dugtrio and take a pic.
    After all that Oak will open up a new path that says rainbow cloud, that is where Mew is.
    TO GET MEWS PICTURE you have to throw either a apple or a pester ball untill his sphere is yellow (he will go fast and fly right by you so you have to be ready) when you do hit him wait a second and look to your left or right because he is trying to catch his sphere. Don't worry about taking a pic from behind because of what Oak says because he didn't say anything with me when I did it.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to get Vileplume

    To get Vileplume, use a Pokeflute in the River level near the sleeping Vileplume, and the smoke will disappear and you will be able to take a picture of a dancing Vileplume.

  • N64 | Submitted by bulma97

    How to get Growlithe and Arcanine

    Throw a pesterball into the three mini- volcanoes at the end of the Volcano course. If you get a pester ball in to the first volcano than the rest of the volcanoes will have Arcanines, if you don't than you'll get growlithes. (up to three of each)

  • N64 | Submitted by killer007x

    Get Gyarados in Valley

    Go to the valley course and hit the first magikarp with a pester ball so the mankey can kick it across the valley to the place where the gravelers dance and hit it with another pester ball so it will go into the waterfall and gyarados will pop out

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to find Muk

    In the level CAVE, take a pictures of all the Grimers on the left at the beginning of the level. after doing that, you will soon see a grimer fairly close to you. hit it with a few pester balls, and it will evolve into a Muk.

  • N64 | Submitted by adam

    Get Pikachu on the surf board

    In the begining you will see pikachu and throw apples on the sand pikachu will follow it, pikachu wi get on it and preten he is surfing

  • N64 | Submitted by Seanzy

    How to find Dugtrio

    In the level TUNNEL, take a picture of al the digetts that you see. If you do that you will see a dugtrio appear instead of a diglett.

  • N64 | Submitted by bjbltt

    Evolve Chamander into Charmeleon

    In the Volcano board, right after you pass the two Vulpixes look to your left and see a magmar and charmander on the same ledge. throw an apple between them to attract them to each other. The magmar will (hopefully) knock over Charmander and proceed to breathe fire on him. There will then be an explosion and charmander will be a charmeleon.

  • N64 | Submitted by Chris smith

    Poke Movies

    Wanna catch pokemon in action after you finish the course? Choose a pokemon from the report
    then go to that course and try to take 60 pictures of the pokemon. then go to album check and act like you want to mark something in the album but dont. when it says, are you sure you want to put this picture in the album, hold right on the control stick and youll see your movie!

  • N64 | Submitted by Michael

    Get Dragonite

    To get dragonite go to the valley and throw 4 pester balls into the whirlpool then dragonite will come out and you can take a pic

  • N64 | Submitted by Matt D. From CT

    Beat Beach Challenge Easily

    To beat the beach challenge easily take a picture of all the pokemon until after the meowth. Make sure you also take a picture of every single Lapras. Do the trick to get Pikachu on stump and take some picks of them and the Scyther. Next, take a picture of Eevee and Chansey. Take about 10 pictures of the closest Lapras. Hit Kangaskhan and take 10-15 shots of him. And finally, Use all your shots on the gusting Pidgeys, The gusted Meowth and the Magikarp. I scored 2045400 pts. I scored 535400 over the challenge.

  • N64 | Submitted by batman2999

    Snap Pikachu eating an apple

    Throw some apples at Pikachu. He will start eating the apples close. When he is eating the apple, snap 'em. You will have to do this quick 'cause Pikachu eats the apples very fast.

  • N64 | Submitted by Alex del valle

    Evolve Charmeleon to Charizard

    First go to the volcano level then find charmeleon.After that wait till it`s blocking
    your way the through an apple at it and it will fall into the lava and evolve into charizard.Oh by the way if you want charizard to throw fire just throw an apple at it.

  • N64 | Submitted by batman2999

    Better pictures of Electabuzz

    To get better pictures of Elrctabuzz do these steps carefully:
    NOTE: I recommend that you do this stratagie to the Electabuzz that is trying to smash the door open. Now here's the steps:
    1. Throw a lot of apples at Electabuzz
    2. After he will turn around and raise his arms, this is the time when you snap 'em.
    3. then he will smash the ground and he will shoot out electricity (don't worry! he won't hurt you)

  • N64 | Submitted by FROG


    1.Charizard-knock the charmeleon in the mini-lava pool with a pester ball
    2.Victrebell-do the same thing as #1 but to the weepinbell jumping around the cave pool
    3.Singing jiggly puffs-hit the 3 koffings chasing the 3 jiggly puffs in the cave to see the 'puffs sing near the end
    NOTE:don't play flute when watching them sing.
    4.Regular colored Porygon-in the river/jungle level look for the tip of the porygon's mouth against a hill. Then throw a pester ball at it. If he pops out hit him 2-3 times with an apple to see him change to his true colors:pink n blue.
    5.Dancing Gravelers and a SandSLASH-to get sandslash knock the two geodudes down that have the graveler over them.If they are both down a sandslash pops up and a graveler jumps down
    Further down the river when you almost stop and a staryu is flying around play the pokeflute and turn left to see 3 dancing gravelers.
    6.Stumped, surfer, and rolling pikachu-
    ...1.stumped-in the first thick grass in the beach level keep throwing pester balls untill you see Scyther pop out, move around, then fly away. Then watch 2 pikachus hop on the 2 stumps.Play pokeflute then take a picture while they shock the ground for MONDO points.
    ...2.surfer-in the beach level throw apples in front of the pikachu so you lead him to the surfboard, he jumps on so SNAP HIM!
    ...3.roller-in the tunnel take a picture of the first pikachu to make him move, quickly do it again and he'll hop on the rolling electrode...SNAP HIM...then watch the electrode explode and pikachu die-HA HA(sorry)
    7.Fighting magmars-throw an apple between the two magmars near the end of the volcano to make them fight...HOT SHOT!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Mary

    Bigger Grimer and Muk

    Take pictures of Grimer in the beginning of the tunnel level(three to be safe) and the will be a grimer on a stump and a grimer on a ledge.If you take a picture of the grimer on the ledge it will give more points because of size. Evolve it into Muk by hitting with a pester ball 3 times.

  • N64 | Submitted by chris lennox

    Excellent Mew Pics

    To get a really good picture of mew, firstly, keep hitting mew with either apples or pester balls, then when mew flies past you chasing after its sphere quickly hit it again with another pester ball, mew will then turn around and look at you for a few seconds, if you do this really quickly you can get a really good close up picture.
    you can do this up to eight times in one go.

  • N64 | Submitted by Joshua Jones

    Pikachu and Mew

    Ok guys the highest pikachu you can get is pikachu on articuno in the cave and that is 8,000 points and the highest you can get on mew is 9,800 these were approved by Nintendo Inc.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Better Pic of Sandslash

    Go to the place in the valley where there are two geodudes on one moutain to your left and throw pester balls at them(if one of them gets back on the moutain this trick won't work),then a graveler will fall down and a sandslash will pop out

  • N64 | Submitted by Wicked Souls

    How to Get Good Snaps

    Here's how to get good snaps of the following (in order of appearence):
    Pidgey: Really not required because of the beginning, right?
    Doduo: Hold the Z button at the beginning, then press A when he pops out.
    Pikachu: There are MANY different ways:
    The Surfboard: At the beach, lead him to his surfboard and take a shot.
    The Stumps: When the first Meowth chasing a Pidgey appears, throw a pester ball at the Meowth when it sets foot on the track. You'll temporarily be stopped. Throw pester balls into that big bush. After Scyther appears, two Pikachus will walk onto the stumps. Play your flute, and after the second one (to shock) shocks, snap!
    ElectRide: At the beginning of the tunnel level, snap Pikachu, then snap him again. When the Electrode hits him, he'll be rolling. SNAP!
    Speed Demon Pikachu: If you throw an apple at the peeking Pikachu in the river, he'll get upset and run around acting like his tail is on fire.
    On Balloons: In the caves, Pikachu is being carried by a Zubat. Pelt the Zubat, and Pikachu will get on balloons and fly away. SNAP.
    On Articuno. Get Pikachu on balloons, and when Articuno flies out, Pikachu will be riding him. SNAP.
    Scyther: Look at Pikachu at the stumps bonus (I mean on this, not the game.)
    Magikarp: Any water. If you throw apples or pester balls into the water, occasionally, he pops up. In some places, he doesn't require throwing things.
    Lapras: He's in the water at the Beach.
    Kangaskhan: Throw a pester ball at him and he'll run up to you and yell "Kangas!" Snap him.
    Pidgey gust bonus: If you let the two Pidgeys attack the Meowth, snap one of them when the whirlwind is showing.
    Electrode: In the entrance to the Caves, they breed like rats.
    Electabuzz: Snap the one running at the beginning.
    Kakuna: They come down from the ceiling in the Caves. Note that if you wait, 4 will all come down at the same time. Snap.
    Zubat: Snap them when they fly at you.
    Haunter: Snap the purple flying balls.
    Diglett: Get him when he's fighting Pikachu.
    Dugtrio: Snap Diglett alot and it will turn into Dugtrio. After that, five will appear instead of three. Snap it again, and 2 Dugtrios pop out. Ultimate snap!
    Magnemite: Throw an apple at one, then snap it.
    Magneton: Hit all three with apples and they will link into Magneton.
    Rapidash: Throw an apple into the pit by the Koffing volcano. The Rapidash will neigh. Snap.
    Vulpix: Stun one with a pester ball so you can get close when it gets up. When you get close, snap when he looks near you.
    Charmander: At the Vulpix egg, throw an apple by a Charmander it will call its friends. Do it to the other one, then lead them to you. Play the flute and snap them.
    Moltres: Get Moltres flying in your direction to get more points.
    Magmar: After the Moltres egg, throw an apple between the two Magmars. When they fight, snap them to get a bonus.
    Growlithe and Arcanine: Throw Pester Balls into the pits across from the Charmeleon. If you get them shaking lava off, you get extra points.
    Charmeleon: Just wait at the pit and snap.
    Charizard: Knock the Charmeleon into the pit. It'll explode and evolve into Charizard. Throw an apple at him to make him spray flame. If you snap him then, you get extra points.
    Poliwag: Throw Pester Balls at them to make them group up. Throw more and they'll dive in. If you snap two or three running in, you get more points.
    Bulbasaur: Either knock one off the stump with a pester ball or lure one out by the first Bulbasaur stump with a hole in a log with an apple.
    Shellder: They fly up everywhere.
    Slowpoke: Snap it eating.
    Slowbro: Lure a Slowpoke onto a muddy spot. It'll stick its tail in, get a Shellder caught on it, and evolve into Slowbro. Snap him.
    Vileplume: Play your Flute when you see him. If you play different tunes, he'll dance differently. But, that's not really worth any bonus.
    Psyduck: Throw food at the first one to sink it. If you throw food at the second one and a Psyduck pops out, take a picture for extra points.
    Metapod: Throw a pester ball at one to lower it and get a closer shot.
    Porygon: After you exit the Metapod tunnel, throw Pester Balls at the two moving spike type things in the wall by the exit. They'll pop out. If you throw another Pester Ball, they'll change to pink and blue. Move them together with apples to get more points.
    Cloyster: He pops up into the air. Snap him.
    Grimer: Get one to look at you, then snap it.
    Ditto: Throw a pester ball at ANY Bulbasaur in the level.
    Muk: Take pictures of the first two, then throw Pester Balls at the third. He'll evolve into Muk. I never found any way to get him to look at you.
    Koffing: Snap one when you pelt one.
    Jigglypuffs on Stage: (best with boosters) Hit all three Koffings chasing the Jigglypuffs. At the end, they'll be singing and dancing. You get more points for three than you do with two or one.
    Weepinbell: Just snap the thing!
    Victrebell: Knock Weepinbell into the little spring. Try to be really close when he evolves.
    Jynx: After you play the flute, snap one. You get better when you snap the first one you see from under the egg. You automatically get a bonus for their dancing.
    Articuno: He'll hatch from the egg where the Jynxs dance.
    Squirtle: Hit one of the shells at the beginning with a pester ball. He'll get on land. If you snap him when he's coming out of his shell, you get extra points.
    Dratini: Throw Pester Balls into the water, then snap him when he pops up.
    Goldeen: Same as above, but Goldeen appears, too.
    Gyarados: Try to knock a Magikarp at the Mankey by Mt. Dugtrio, and he'll hit it. It will land once you reach the Dancing Gravelers. Throw a Pester Ball at it to get it into the waterfall. Then it evolves into Gyarados. Snap it.
    Geodude: Throw a Pester Ball at one on a wall, and it will fall, leaving you with a good picture.
    Sandshrew: Snap one when a Geodude falls. You can get 2 or three together.
    Sandslash: If you look at the thing that looks like Kadabra when you look to your left from the 3 Geodude wall, it's Sandslash. Get him while he's burrowing for a bonus.
    Mankey: You can get a better snap from the one by the waterfall.
    Staryu: He appears at the fast rapids. Snap him in the front.
    Graveler: Play the flute by the 3 Gravelers on the wall and they'll dance for a bonus.
    Starmie: When you snap Staryu in the front, go down the rapids, and at the whirlpool, he'll evolve into Starmie.
    Dragonite: Throw 4 Pester Balls into the whirlpool and the big, retarded Dragonite will pop out. Snap him.
    That's all, folks!

  • N64 | Submitted by Growlithe

    Zapdos pic

    In the tunnel level there is another unhatched egg. Lure the Pikachu near it closer to it with apples. When Pikachu jumps on the egg play the flute for a wonderful electric show! Zapdos will start to fire up the old energy plant too.

  • N64 | Submitted by mike


    Get a better picture of lapras by playing the poke flute right after u see Meoth. then Lapras will be more closer and more will appear

  • N64 | Submitted by Brian W.

    Beach, Meowth Volcano,Charmelion

    Throw a pester ball at meowth he will fall down to get a better picture. To get charmelion baefore the end of the level Go to the Place where you see charmander and Magmar throw one apple in the middle when there close and magmar will blow fire at Magmar.Then charmander will evolve into charmelion

  • N64 | Submitted by Cindya

    To pass Valley level

    When you get to the whirlpool, there are 3 pokemons in front of you. Don't try to hit them with pester balls. Two of them will run away. When the one left is still, shoot a pester ball WHEN he lines up with the mankey on top of the mountain. If it runs up and grabs the mankey then you're almost there. The mankey will be right around the corner on the right. When you first see it, hit it with a pester ball. Not apples.

  • N64 | Submitted by ElZergo

    Best Mew pic

    After you break Mew's shield and you see him chasing his little energy ball, hit him with an apple. When he starts spinning, keep keep hitting him. In a few hits, he will move out directly in from of you. Wait for him to stop spinning and turn around. As soon as he does, hit him one more time. When he stops and turns again, Star taking pics as fast as you can. Aim a little to the left so you fit is whole tail on the screen. I got a perfect 10,000 doing this, but it may take a long time.

  • N64 | Submitted by Barrin3

    Beat The Challenge Score on each level

    To beat each chalenge score on each levelis you need to get one picture of each I mean each pokemon then you take the rest of the pictures of the most common pokemon

  • N64 | Submitted by Eric

    Pikachu on a stump

    First get to the part where a 2nd Meoth is chasing a Pidgey hit it with a pester ball when it is in the middle of the track, let it
    stop you. Then throw as many pester balls in to the feild, aim for where the grass flys up. Then a Shyther will come out. Then when you hear the Pikachus, play the flute. Then Snap.
    Note: Hit the Moewth with another pester ball if he gets up. This may take a while.

  • N64 | Submitted by Craig

    All 5 Of The Pokemon Signs

    Pokemon Sign at Beach: Pass the pikachuand look to ur left their will be a rock that looks like kingler at a certain angle and snap it.
    Pokemon Sign at Tunnel: Keep going until u see the pikachu next to the egg. Throw a apple to get pikachu to stand next to it hen play flute and pikachu will use electric shock and explode the egg and Zapados will generate he power towards the end their will be a shadow at the wall snap it.
    Pokemon Sign at Volcano: in the begining their is a mini volcano throw a pester ball in it and a cloud of smoke that looks like Koffing will come out snap it.
    Pokemon Sign at River:Go till u see were the sleeping viliplum is look up and their is a tree that looks like Cubone snap it.
    Pokemon Sign at Cave: Go to the weeping bell then look to ur side and you will see some stars snap 1 of them.
    Pokemon Sign at Valley: in the beginingtheir is a mountain that looks like Dugtrio snap it.

  • N64 | Submitted by patrick

    Three glad vulpix

    When you pass the rapadash runing look at your left and you will see one vulpix keep on throwing apples until you see two vulpix.keep on throwing apples stop trowing them when they jump for joy and take a snap.

  • N64 | Submitted by adam cole

    Speed Pikachu

    At the end of the valley throw a pester ball at the pikachu sitting on the logs.It will run around with stars floating behind it.It will give you extra points but not as many as a baloon pika

  • N64 | Submitted by Clay Nagel

    Get A Good Shellder

    1.Go to the River level
    2.Make a slowpoke evole, but
    3.When they pulls it's tail out of the water, you'll see a shellder biteing it, take a pic
    You get 1200 pose points

  • N64 | Submitted by RaT

    Get Chansy

    At the Beach level go to the evee chacing the pink rock.Then throw a pester ball at it and it will turn into a Chansy

  • N64 | Submitted by Paul Idzik

    Pikachu on Articuno

    In the cave level, hit the zubat thats carrying pikachu and pikachu will fall. Then play the pokeflute to wake up jynx and get articuno out of the egg. Keep going to where Jigglypuff sings on stage and look behind you. You will see Articuno with Pikachu on his back. More points!!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Little Nute

    High scoring Pikachu picture

    To get a high scoring Pikachu Picture, in the beach stage get the two Pikachus on to the stumps. Then Play your pokeflute, you can then snap away at two stumped, shocking Pikachus for major points.

  • N64 | Submitted by anonymous

    Get Picture of Snorlax

    In the beach level you will see a Snorlax sleeping by some flowers. Throw a pester ball at it and it will sit up. The snap its picture.

  • N64 | Submitted by anonymous

    Mad Jigglypuffs

    First you save all three Jigglypuffs and then at the end of the level you see the three Jigglypuffs on stage singing just play the pokeflute and they will stop singing and start bouncing around take a few snap shots of that and you will get REALLY BIG points.

  • N64 | Submitted by Bob

    Make Jigglypuff Sing

    In the cave hit the Koffing chasing the Jigglypuff with a Poke Food and at the end of the cave u will here it singing and look to your left and you will see it.

  • N64 | Submitted by yakoshi69

    Flying Pikachu With Balloons

    In the cave level, when you see Zubat flying with the pikachu, hit the zubat so then Pikachu well be flying down with balloons! Snap some pictures cause you will get a lot of points. Pikachu will land where jynx and articuno are. Then pikachu will do a big thunder shock which can get you more points.

  • N64 | Submitted by webmaster

    Get Two Starmies

    On the Valley Level snap the first two Staryu's you see. If you snapped them they will follow you. When you reach the whirlpool the two Staryus will be sucked in and two Starmies will come out. You will have to be quick because they will fly away.

  • N64 | Submitted by Charmander

    To pass the Tunnel

    To go to the Volcano: For this you have to go to the tunnel. Go to the end of The Tunnel and look right, you should see an electrode with rocks behind it, throw a piece of pokemon food to hit electrode and he will be exploding with the rocks, so now you can head to the Volcano!

  • N64 | Submitted by anonymous

    Get Arcanine!!!

    When you get to the volcano course at the end, near Charmeleon, if you look to the right you will see three lava pits. Throw a Pester Ball into each one and two Growlithes and an Arcanine will jump out the third!

  • N64 | Submitted by Dragonite


    You half to have betten the Vally level to use this code.

    Beach sign
    When you get to pickachu turn to the right and hold the Z button. When the RED light turns on you will see some stones shaped like a krabby snap a picture of it.

    Tunnel sign
    When you reach the Pickachu close to an egg lure Pickachu over to the egg. Then play the poke flute. Pickachu will do an electric shock. Zapdos will burst out of the egg. snap some pics of it. Zapdos will turn on a machine. LATER after you pass the 2 Electubuzz You will see a large shadow take a picture of it.

    Valcano sign
    At the beguining of the level look to the right when you see the first valcano throw a pester ball in it. If you see a face come out of the valcano Take a picture of it.

    River sign
    When you get to the Vileplume play the poke flute the vileplume will start dancing. if you look up you will see a giant cubone take a picture of it while the Viteplume is dancind and the smoke is out of the way.

    Cave sign
    When you get a little past the weepinbell turn to the left you will see some stars the pictures of those stars. you Must take a picture of a star not in between two stars.

    NOTE: For best results take a picture of the brightest star close to the middle.

    Vally sign
    In the very begining You will see a big mountain. take a picture of the middle head.
    You can't miss this one.

  • N64 | Submitted by super-golf ball-wacker-guy

    Awesome pictures of Mew

    Go about thowing apples, or pesterballs at Mew as you usually would. Then whe the yellow shield comes of so you can take a picture keep looking straight ahead, count to four or five the look to the LEFT. Next time do the same and look LEFT again. Repeat again and this time look to the RIGHT. So Mew's overall pattern is LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT. Keep repeating to get a high score and not to mention great pictures!!!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Ryan

    Close Shots Or Lapras

    To get a good shot of lapras, go to the beach, and take a picture of him right at the beginning on the right in the water. Then, after you do that just wait until the river part, now look to your right again and when you get past keep looking for water, right when you see water again, you should see a Lapras right next to land(Sometimes more of them pop up in the back)

  • N64 | Submitted by Steve Ford

    Better shot of Mankey

    message: In the valley level,close to the end there is a Mankey on this tall hill and below him there will be lots of Squirtles on the bank.Hit one with a pester ball and it will hide in it's shell.Then try to line Squirtle up with Mankey and hit Squirtle again with a pester ball.Squirtle with slide up the hill and hit Mankeythen Mankey will be around the bend standing in front of the switch.Snap him when you get real close to him.
    (NOTE:Hit Mankey again and he will fall on switch and open the gate.)

  • N64 | Submitted by Taylor Pfeifer

    Find Goldeen!

    First,go into VALLEY and fire a pester Ball in front of the first mankey,and between dratini and magicarp and he will appear!

  • N64 | Submitted by anonymous

    Angry Charizard

    On the volcano level near the end is a charmeleon going round a lava pool. throw an apple or pester ball at him and knock him into the pool. Charizard will come out in a burst of flames. to get a great shot of him throw an apple at him and he will turn around to face you and do a flame thrower attack at you. The best shot is when the flame just comes out of his mouth.

  • N64 | Submitted by Daken

    Get Pikachu on a Voltorb

    First go to the tunnel level and take a pic of Pikachu and he will move take another pic of him and he will move agean and wait and he will get on the Voltorb.

  • N64 | Submitted by Psyjohn

    Good Points with Pidgey

    After you see the pidgey at the begining of the Beach level,Turn around and face backwards and wait till they get really close and snap away!

  • N64 | Submitted by Doug

    The Secret Switch

    In oredr to do this trick you must be on the River stage.
    1.Go threw the Metepod Tunnel
    2.look on the right side .
    3.Look for something goin up and down on the roks it is the same color
    4.There will be 3 of them at the last one throw a pester ball at it
    5.a Porygon will pop out and jump on a putten and tht is the end.
    You can also take a pic of porygon 2

  • N64 | Submitted by ditto

    Freeze Pokemon (hint)

    This is hard to do but when you see a pokemon throw a pester ball right at it. The pokemon will be stunned for a while, so you can get right up to it an get a good picture