POKEMON SNAP FAQ VERSION 1.0 THIS FAQ IS COPYRIGHT OF ADIL (ADIL@BUMIHIWAY.COM.MY) ANYONE CAN USE IT SO LONG AS IT IS IN ORIGINAL UNEXPURGATED FORM AND CREDIT IS GIVEN WHERE DUE. IF YOU WISH TO LINK -- ALL I ASK FOR IS A LITTLE COMMON COURTESY TO DROP ME A LINE AND ATTRIBUTE IT ACCORDINGLY. ENJOY THE GAME . I DEFINITELY DID! : ) POKEMON SNAP (JAPAN) 1. BACKGROUND & CREDITS: ================================================================= I don't know any Japanese and searched high and low for hints and / or translations on the net without much luck. However through the help of Beth (Free plug : writer of some excellent guides including the Official Guide To Zelda!)with her menu translations and hints AND my tireless wife who accompanied me till the wee hours of the morning in search of more Pokemons and ways to opening up new levels! So for those of you who are NOT JAPANESE LITERATE and who have this game but spent nights trying to suss out the REAL AIM of the game - this FAQ's specially for you! I know my limitations when it comes to the Japanese language so I welcome any help from everyone to make this FAQ even better - just mail me at adil@bumihiway.com.my or icq me at #6118669. 2. UPDATES ================================================================= 9th April 1999 I figured that I might as well post it without actually completing it for those who have gone far and cannot wait to finish the game. I will plug in the details of the other environments soon. At the moment only the Beach environment is tackled in detail. The guide to open the final environment is at Section 7 below. 3. THE GAME ================================================================= You play as Tooru, a master cameraman on board a specialized vehicle that traverses the wild jungles of Pokemon Island. So armed with your camera, quick reflexes and a few items that you will earn along the way - your goal is to take as many beautiful pictures of Pokemons as you can! That basically sums up the game! Like in a real life safari - these furry creatures do not exactly hold a pose for you - so part of the challenge is to lure, attract, knock, frighten, feed and even "kill" in order for you to get a decent close-up. You get 60 exposures of film per location and the objective is for you to get the best shots of any given animal and get them assessed by Dr Okido to earn points. 4. THE CONTROLS & TOOLS ================================================================= ----------------------------------------- 4.1 IN-GAME CONTROLS ---------------------------------------- Start Button : Pause - brings up Menu Screen: [ Continue Game] [ Exit from course ] [ Restart the level ] R Trigger button : Use secret item that you can obtain from the course of the game. C Button : Look Forward / Left / Right in 45 degrees increments 3 D Stick : look around Z Trigger Button : set up camera A Button : Take picture Tools ( you will earn the tools as you progress) ----------------------------------------- 4.2 TOOLS ----------------------------------------- A Button : Use Pokemon Food B Button : Use Smoke Bomb C Down Button : Use Pokemon Flute R Trigger : Use special item 5. THE GAME SCREENS ============================================================= This is self explanatory as you fiddle around for the first time. ----------------------------------------- 5.1 MAIN MENU SCREEN ----------------------------------------- [Start from beginning] [Start from a continue] [Gallery] [Options] ----------------------------------------- 5.2 COURSE SELECT SCREEN * ----------------------------------------- [Beach] [Tunnel] [Lava Pit] [River] [Ice Cave] [Rapids] [Special Level] [Return ] * courses open as you progress ----------------------------------------- 5.3 CAMERA CHECK SCREEN ----------------------------------------- [Dr. Mark ] : earmark photos to be graded [Album Mark] : earmark photos for inclusion in the Pokemon Album [To Dr Okido] : to grade the earmarked photos CRITERIA FOR JUDGMENT Categories Hints [Special] : you will only earn points here if you successfully lure out a previously unsighted animal [Composition]: make sure the focus dot is on the animal and try to keep it CENTRED and UP CLOSE. Also try to make sure they FACE YOU. Butt photos earn very litttle : ) [Pose] : when you make the Pokemons do something special :eg. like riding a surfboard [Technique]: [Companions]: you earn this when you have pictures of the animal's companions in the background. Eg . 2 pikachus, 2 butterflies etc in the same composition. ----------------------------------------- 4.4 DR. OKIDO SCREEN ----------------------------------------- [To courses] [Pokemon Report] [Pokemon Album] [Record] ie save data ----------------------------------------- 5.4 POKEMON REPORT SCREEN ----------------------------------------- [Pokemon Report] [Best Shot] [Pokemon Signs] * this appears later in the game [To Research] 6. THE GUIDE! ============================================================= NOTE : This guide will be based on the actual items you have in hand at any given moment. So if you start off with just the camera with no special items, then look at the corresponding sections. ----------------------------------------- 6.1 How To Progress (General) ----------------------------------------- There are only 2 ways of progressing to the next level: 1. By earning sufficient points through your graded photos; OR 2. By activating a switch You can only earmark one photo per species so choose well. ----------------------------------------- 6.2 The Beach ----------------------------------------- 6.2.1 General -------------- Progress Type : Earn enough points. If you don't - repeat ad infinitum until you do. The next level will open automatically. There are no hidden switches. 6.2.2 Just Camera ----------------------- Animals to look out for (in sequence): 1. The birds at the beginning 2. The 2-headed ostrich 3. Pikachu on the right 4. The butterflies 5.Cat on the hill - wait till it pounce for maximum points 6.Cat running out of bushes chasing after a bird 7.The fox chasing the white puff on your left 8.Look out on your right for the Loch Ness Monster out in the open sea (random : sometimes 2 will appear). 9.The monster that has his back towards you. Hint : snap as many photos as you can of the animals in various poses. 6.2.3 Camera and apples ----------------------------------- 1. Feed Pikachu with the apples for a good close-up 2. Lure Pikachu to the surfboard with the apples Can earn 5000-6000 points here! 3.Knock the cats to make them dizzy (not much points) 4. Throw apples at the monster at the end of the level to make it face you. 6.2.4 Camera with apples and smoke-bomb -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Smoke bomb the sleeping giant to make him briefly take a peek. 2. Knock the cat off the hill with the bomb to make it pose to you on the ground. 3. Continuously throw the bomb at the bushes where there grass is flying / scatttering in the wind to lure out : a) Grass-cutter Pokemon and b) 2 Pikachus. For added bonus quickly lure the Pikachus with apples for them to pose on the tree stumps. More points if you can get both Pikachus in the same photo. Easily 6000 points here! 4. Bomb the white puff to turn it into a fat pokemon with an egg in its pouch 6.2.5 Camera with apples, smoke-bomb and flute --------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Play the flute will make the pikachus go into an electrical frenzy 2. Bomb the Giant to wake it up and play the flute to make him dance for you. 3. Bomb the cat on the hill as in and play the flute to make him dance on the ground ----------------------------------------- 6.3 THE TUNNEL ----------------------------------------- 6.3.1 General ----------------- Progress Type : Activating a switch at the end of the level. Throw the bomb at the lone Voltrob just before the end of the level to make it explode and open up Lava Pit. Quick Pointers ----------------- You can make Pikachu play with the Voltrob by taking its photo early. With every shot it will move forward and eventually climb on a Voltrob. Knock the tigers with the apples in the first room to make them go crazy and face you. Lure the second pikachu with an apple to make it move towards you. You can take photos of the flying orb beside the third pikachu (where the 2 tigers are) - it will develop into a picture of yet another pokemon! The fish near the entrance to the second room gives excellent points (4000+). Throw apples at the Recoils to make them pose for you. ----------------------------------------- 6.4 THE LAVA PIT ----------------------------------------- 6.4.1 General ----------------- Progress Type : Earn points. No switches. ----------------------------------------- 6.5 THE RIVER ----------------------------------------- 6.5.1 General ----------------- Progress Type : Activating a switch. Throw the bomb at hill-side where a sharp pointy nose is visible. A Pokemon will burrow out and activate the switch. ----------------------------------------- 6.6 THE ICE CAVE ----------------------------------------- 6.6.1 General ----------------- Progress Type : Earn enough points. If you don't - repeat some of the levels until you do. The next level will open automatically. There are no hidden switches. ----------------------------------------- 6.7 THE RAPIDS ----------------------------------------- 6.7.1 General ----------------- Progress Type : Activating a switch at the end of the level. You will see three shelled pokemons and a monkey at the top of a hill at the bend just before where the switch is located. The key is to smoke bomb the last shelled pokemon ie. the left most creature. Wait till you float by and when it is in the right part of your screen : smoke bomb him to make him scamper up the hill and knock the monkey over. Now the bomb the said monkey on the other side and he'll stomp of the switch. ----------------------------------------- 7.0 THE SPECIAL STAGE : MEW!! ----------------------------------------- 7.1 General ----------------- Progress Type : Once you clear the Rapids level - you will be told of the Pokemon Signs. It is now that a new sub menu will open under the POKEMON REPORT SCREEN. Find the 6 Pokemon images in the shadows of each level to get to this stage. There is 1 pokemon image per environment. You can only get here once you have all the items ie. apples, smoke-bomb, flute and the go-faster wheels. 6.7.2 Where to find the 6 signs --------------------------------------- Beach After passing the first Pikachu on your right , look to your left and you will see a mossy rock structure which resembles like two curling palms and a head. Focus the middle and take many many shots. Although there are no animals in sight you will find that you can still focus and the subject will be labelled as "New". Get the photo graded and it will automatically be matched to the Pokemon Signs. Tunnel Lure the second Pikachu to move forwards towards the egg by using apples. When he gets close enough play the flute and Pikachu's electrical frenzy will hatch the egg. The bird will then fly to the contraption on trigger it. In the next room after passing the two tigers - you will see a projection against the rock wall. Take the photo of the image and get it graded!! Lava Pit Ignore the horses and throw smoke bombs into the volcano pit on the left. When done correctly, the wisp of smoke that comes out is the Third Pokemon Sign! River Just above the dancing mushroom - you will see a tree overlooking it. Look closely and you will find that the tree resembles the face of another Pokemon. Snap! Snap! Snap! Ice Cave Locate the third Jigglypuff that is being chased by a Koffling. You should see something sparkling where they are - take the photo. Lots! It should develop into a ghostly image of another Pokemon! Rapids When u start the level - just look forward. In the distance you will see the 3 huge rock structures resembling the faces of more Pokemons. That's it! This will open the Final Stage where you can take photos of the elusive Mew!!! 7. ABOUT ============================================================= You can find the latest version of this FAQ at www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/2414/pokemon.html Although most dont give a damn but the entire FAQ is Copyright (c) Adil Othman 1999 : ) Contact me: adil@bumihiway.com.my, busternuck@geocities.com or icq me at #6118669.</p>