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Pokemon Snap One-Hand Freeze - how to complete the Grookey research

Pokemon Snap One-Hand Freeze
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Pokemon Snap One-Hand Freeze research task from Professor Mirror is one of the earlier ones you'll unlock in the game, as it takes place in Florio Nature Park during the daytime. You're told to "watch Grookey carefully" because it will sometimes do something you'll "get a kick out of", but this is one of the toughest Pokemon Snap research tasks because is is a true test of patience. Don't worry though, we've got all the details on how you can complete the Pokemon Snap One-Hand Freeze research task.

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Pokemon Snap One-Hand Freeze research task explained

Pokemon Snap One-Hand Freeze

(Image credit: Nintendo)

When Professor Mirror says you need to "watch Grookey carefully" for the One-Hand Freeze research task, he means it. You're looking out for Grookey to do a one-handed handstand, which it does every now and then but nowhere near frequently enough to complete this by luck. There is nothing you can do to influence this task.

Grookey will appear with Pichu at the start of the level and all you need to do is keep your camera steady on it. If you don't see Grookey do a handstand by the time you round the corner, wait until you progress to the next area, past Emolga, where you'll see lots of Swanna in the water and Taillow on the ground.

In the long grass to the left-hand side of the path, opposite the Bidoof dam, is a Grookey sleeping in the grass. Keep an eye on it because it will wake up and start walking around. This is where I personally caught Grookey doing a handstand, but it was when I had almost left the level, so the photo was from quite a distance away. When I say keep your camera trained on it at all times, I mean it.

If you don't catch Grookey doing a handstand here, you've got one more chance in the final section of the level. When Grookey runs from the right-hand side of the path to the left, it will do a backflip, then start meandering around. It can do another handstand here, but it's often harder to see thanks to all the flowers. Nevertheless, just keep watching until it happens. If you don't get much luck, rinse and repeat the level until it happens.

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