Pokemon Presents showcase coming August 18 with Pokemon Legends Arceus updates

Pokemon Legends Arceus
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

A new Pokemon Presents showcase will air Wednesday, August 18 at 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm BT.

The official Pokemon Twitter announced (opens in new tab) the show today. More information on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the ambitious open-world Pokemon RPG currently scheduled for January 2022, will be the star of the show. We're also in for updates on the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes set for November. 

The Pokemon Company only recently teased that we'd see more of Pokemon Legends: Arceus sometime soon, but even we didn't expect news to arrive next week. Pokemon fans have been dying to see more of the game since its reveal, which was basically the manifestation of an idea that everyone and their mother has proposed over the past few years: hey, it'd be really cool if you combined Pokemon and Breath of the Wild. With a massive world set in the early Sinnoh region, Arceus looks like exactly that. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, meanwhile, will update the 2006 Nintendo DS duo for the Switch. Compared to the Pokemon Let's Go games, the Diamond and Pearl remakes are less of an overhaul and more of a remaster. Classic gameplay has been paired with new chibi-style art sitting somewhere between Pokemon Sword and Shield and the new version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, giving Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl a new look but a retro finish. 

You can tune into the show over on the official Pokemon YouTube channel (opens in new tab). We'll have more on the reveals as they air, so if you can't make the early bird show, check back here for all the news. 

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