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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time / Darkness Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Justin

    What to Swap for at the Croagunk Swap Shop

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time

    Here is what you can swap for what:

    Dark silk + Dark dust: Dark Gem

    Mime card + Mime key: Bulwark Rock

    Mudkip mud + Mudkip card: Mud Jewel

    Piplup Foam + Piplup card: Sea Ore

    Marill dew + marill card: Surfer Rock

  • DS | Submitted by Charmy & Blaster of Team Frontier

    How to beat Primal Dialga the EASY way

    Temporal Pinnacle

    So long as you've chosen a Riolu as either yourself or as your partner its quite simple taking down Primal Dialga. Make sure Riolu knows the move Force Palm, its super effective, and maybe toss a few stun seeds at him so that Primal Dialga can't use his stupid Roar of Time trick every single time he gets the chance.

  • DS | Submitted by pokegirl

    Recruiting Darkrai

    If you want to recruit Darkrai then go to the last floor of Mystifying Forest with a secret slab or a mystery part. Then you walk around until you run into him. I recommend that you have a golden mask or something that increases recruit rate.

  • DS | Submitted by Clubpenguin Pingy245

    How To Walk In Water

    If you're a water pokemon you'll be able to cross water. Sometimes its like a shortcut, but sometimes its a dead end.

  • DS | Submitted by Torterra of Team ZERO

    Legendaries in Final Maze

    Final Maze Floors 23, 29, and 40

    If any of you guys out there have a Mystery Part, go to the Final Maze. On floor 23, you'll find Jiraji. On floor 29, you'll find Suicune. On floor 40, you'll find Moltres. Moltres is kinda easy to recruit, but Suicune and Jiraji are almost impossible.

  • DS | Submitted by Blaze of Team Time

    Pokemon Items

    Here are some combinations for Two Star pokemon items and the pokemon it is for.

    Forest Ore: Treecko: Treeck-Thorn + Treeck-Card

    Erupt Ore: Magmar: Magmar Claw and Magmar Card

    Surfur Rock: Marill: Marill Dew and Marill Card

    Ovation Rock: Togekiss: Togek-Wing and Togek-Card

    Blazing Rock: Cyndaquil: Cynda-Hair and Cynda-Claw

    Fiery Heart: Charmander: Char-Claw and Char-Fang

    Typhlo- Seal: Typhlosion: Typhlo-Gasp and Typhlo-Fang

    Stream Charm: Azumarill: Azuma-Dew and Azuma-Card

    Muscle Charm: Tyrogue: Tyro-Sweat and Tyro-Card

    Scept-Seal: Sceptile: Scept-Claw and Scept-Card

  • DS | Submitted by Fear+Hate

    Secret Legendary Pokemon

    To find some secret legendary pokemon you need to have a mystery part or a secret slab.

    Zapdos = amp plains floor 7

    Lugia = surrounded sea floor 18

    Ho-Oh = Mt.Mistral floor 19

    Deoxys = Shimmer hill floor 17

    Latios = Midnight forest floor 24

    Raikou = Concealed ruins floor 20

    Latias = happy outlook floor 10

    Mewtwo (darkness) = Aegis cave floor 5

    Celebi (time) = Treeshoud forest floor 10

  • DS | Submitted by Tom1357

    How to recruit Celebi (Time only)

    Mystifying Forest floor 10

    To recruit Celebi, you must first beat Primal Dialga in story mode, and then defeat the Guild members in Mystifying forest.

    Next, you must obtain a secret stoneplate, or a mystery part, and put it in your bag. Then head off to Mystifying forest.

    Once you climb up to the 10th floor, look for Celebi, it will be there (Only if you brought a secret stoneplate, or a mystery part).

    Now defeat Celebi. Once you do that, Celebi should join your team, but if it doesn't, you'll have to try again.

    The chance for getting Celebi is Very High, so you shouldn't have that trouble.

    NOTE: Celebi and every legendary can only be recruited once, so if you delete it your outta luck.

  • DS | Submitted by MasonTheGamer

    Raise Recruit Chances To the Maximum

    If you want to be sure that you don't spend as long trying to get a Pokemon, do a few certain things. First off, some Pokemon will not join the team unless you have a certain rank. Because of this, you may want to spend a while reaching Master Rank. After that, raise a Pokemon's IQ until it learns the Fast Friend skill, but some Pokemon such as the original starters do not have this skill even at MAX IQ, or 10 stars. Next up, get a Golden Mask or Amber Tear, it does not matter which one you choose. When you reach a floor with a Pokemon you want, equip the Golden Mask or Amber Tear to the leader and defeat the species you want to join your team and keep defeating them until they join. Sometimes it may take a while, but even the toughest foes can join you.

  • DS | Submitted by Andrew Pedds

    Explorer Ranks

    Normal Rank
    Bronze Rank - 100
    Silver Rank - 400
    Gold Rank - 1,600
    Diamond Rank - 3,200
    Super Rank - 6,000
    Ultra Rank - 10,000
    Hyper Rank - 15,000
    Mater Rank - 62,500

  • DS | Submitted by Swampert of team wateryleaf

    Pokemon Recruit Rates

    Uxie: 100% Steam cave summit (on second visit, after credits)level 42

    Mesprit: 100% Quicksandcave lake (on second visit, after credits) level 42

    Azelf: 100% Crystal Crossing lake (on secend visit, after credits) level 42

    Diagla: 100% Temporal Tower summit (on second visit, after credits) level 48

    Palkia: 100% Spacial rift bottom (on second visit, after credits) level: 48

    Regice: 70% Aegis cave: Regice chamber (on second visit, after credits) level: 46

    Regirock: 70% Aegis cave: Regirock chamber (on second visit, after credits) level: 46

    Registeel: 70% Aegis cave: Registeel chamber (on second visit, after credits) level: 46

    Regigigas: 100% Aegis cave: regigigas chamber (on second visit, after credits) level: 49

    Cresselia: 100% Sharpedo bluff (kill Darkrai) level

    Manaphy: 100% Sharpedo bluff (kill Darkrai then do several missions)

    Phione: 100% Miracle sea (on second visit) level 40

  • DS | Submitted by torchic of team sting

    Seed Types

    Sleep seed: puts enemy to sleep.
    Doom seed: lowers level.
    Blinker seed: gives enemy blinker status (can't see pokemon or items).
    X-ray seed: opponent can't see a thing.
    Totter seed: causes confusion.

  • DS | Submitted by andrew pedds

    Where To Find Legendaries

    Uxie: steam cave
    Azelf: crystal cave-crystal crossing
    Mespret: northern dessert-quicksand cave
    Dialga: hidden land, hidden highland, temporal tower, temporal spire
    palkia: spacial rift
    regi: ice,rock,steel and giggas-agais caves
    celibi: treeshroud forest

  • DS | Submitted by Team MudApe

    How To Get Rayquaza

    First you must enter the wonder mail password on the cheats page. Then you have to get up to floor 50. There you will encounter Rayquaza. I would suggest you use a high level Ice type, or a Dragon type such as Dialga, but you will have to pay attention to fact that dragon types are super effective against each other.

  • DS | Submitted by Pokewize and Some dude with no life

    Evolving Starter & Partner

    To evolve your starter pokemon you first have to beat Darkria (after beating the game) and then go back to Special Rift and beat Palkia. Palkia will want to join your team. Then go to Luminos Spring and you can evolve.

  • DS | Submitted by stalentor31

    Boss Fight Hint

    Get a Mudkip. around lvl 45 and it will learn a move called Endeavor. This move takes your opponent's hp and makes it the same as yours. It does about 600 damage to Dialga in one shot, 500 to Uxie, Meesprit and Azelf.

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Pokemon Who Appear After You Talk To Man

    Mewtwo (Darkness Only)
    Celebi (Time Only)

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Mission Ranks and Points

    Bulletin Board and Job List

    E Rank: 10 points
    D Rank: 15 points
    C Rank: 20 points
    B Rank: 30 points
    A Rank: 50 points
    S Rank: 70 points
    *1 Rank: 100 points
    *2 Rank: 200 points
    *3 Rank: 300 points
    *4 Rank: 400 points
    *5 Rank: 500 points
    *6 Rank: 700 points
    *7 Rank: 1000 points
    *8 Rank: 1300 points
    *9 Rank: 1500 points

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622


    Chapter 1: A Storm At Sea

    Chapter 2: The New Guild Recruits

    Chapter 3: The Scream

    Chapter 4: The Gatekeepers

    Chapter 5: The First Official Exploration

    Chapter 6: Team Skull

    Chapter 7: The Guild's Big Expedition

    Chapter 8: Groudon's Heart

    Chapter 9: The Mystery Of Fogbound Lake

    Chapter 10: Dusknoir

    Chapter 11: Grovyle The Thief

    Chapter 12: The Option

    Chapter 13: Dusknoir's Secret

    Chapter 14: Into The Future

    Chapter 15: The Secret Of The Planet Paraysis

    Chapter 16: A New Dawn

    Chapter 17: The Guild's Crew

    Chapter 18: Lapras

    Chapter 19: To The Hidden Land

    Chapter Final: The Last Adventure

    Post-Ending 1: Guild Graduation

    Post-Ending 2: Scizor The Explorer

    Post-Ending 3: Manaphy

    Post-Ending 4: The Aegis Cave

    Post-Ending 5: Azurill's Nightmare

    Post-Ending 6: Adventures Again

    Post-Ending 7: Manaphy's Return

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Pokemon You Beat Twice To Recruit


  • DS | Submitted by Infernape of team Kick@$$

    Recruit Dialga

    After you beat the game, you can go back to hidden land, clear it and then go back to temporal tower and battle Dialga again. It's hard to beat primal Dialga but normal Dialga is slower, weaker and has less health so it's easy to beat him with any type. Once you beat him he will admit his defeat and ask to be recruited. He isn't very high level, but he's quick to level up.

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Male Starters Nature

    Totodile- Jolly
    Torchic- Hardy
    Munchlax- Relaxed
    Mudkip- Rash
    Piplup- Impish
    Chikorita- Calm
    Meowth- Sassy
    Chimchar- Naive
    Bulbasaur- Lonely
    Pikachu- Brave
    Squirtle- Quirky
    Cyndaquil- Timid
    Treeko- Quite
    Charmander- Docile
    Turtwig- Bold
    Skitty- ???

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0113

    Secret Rank

    Treasure Town

    After you beat the game do some missions and you will eventually find a Mr. Mime. Talk to him and he will tell you about Blizzard Island and how a long time ago Scizor got trapped deep in Blizzard Island. Then you gain access to Blizzard Island. Get through the 20 floors and you go to Crevice Cave. Get through its 10 floors and save at the Kangaskan and get through another 14 floors. Then you meet Frosslass. Fight him and then you will save Scizor and he will thank you by giving you the Secret Rank allowing you to do the wonder mail missions.

  • DS | Submitted by firebuster

    Battle Groudon

    When battling Groudon use fire moves. You think Groudon is a fire/ground pokemon, but it's only a ground pokemon. Don't use grass moves, they aren't effective on him

  • DS | Submitted by Mason Ream

    Best combos in Story Mode

    Some good combos:


  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Female Starters Nature

    Munchlax- Jolly
    Treeko- Hardy
    Chimchar- Impish
    Charmander- Brave
    Chikorita- Quite
    Cyndaquil- Calm
    Bulbasaur- Docile
    Piplup- Quirky
    Totodile- Sassy
    Mudkip- Lonely
    Skitty- Naive
    Meowth- Relaxed
    Turtwig- Timid
    Torchic- Rash
    Squirtle- Bold
    Pikachu- ???

  • DS | Submitted by Assassin leader of team Hired-Guns

    How To Beat Mew

    To beat mew you'll need about 4 X-eye seeds. If you don't have any X-eye seeds, you will need tons of reviver seeds. You would a lot need a psychic pokemon, in that case you would not need reviver seeds. Do not bring any rock pokemon with you. When your attacking mew throw one of you X-eye seeds at it. If Mew dodges the seed, throw another one. After being hit with an X-eye Mew can't see straight. Use psychic and confusion to bring down mew.

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Phione And Sick Manaphy

    After you get Manaphy he will get sick. Then you will gain access to Miracle Sea to get the Phione Dew to heal Manaphy. After you go to the end of the cave you will have to fight a bunch of Phione's to get the dew. After you get the dew go back to the cave and Phione will automatically join your team.

  • DS | Submitted by infernape of team Kick@$$

    Hints For Uxies Illusion

    When you battle "Groudon" for the first time and you are a fire type don't worry. I was a Chimchar with a Piplup. Just make sure you bought a wide slash from Keckleon, and make sure you know ember and scratch becauase they work good in a pattern, like wide slash, ember, scratch or ember, wide slash, scratch.

  • DS | Submitted by charmander leader of team scorechers

    Battiling Uixe's Hologram

    You'll want a water Pokemon as you or your partner. If you don't have one, you'll need a bunch of reviver seeds. Don't try using the move razor leaf, it only does 2-3 damage.

    Additional Info Submitted By: Team Time

    Ok, i know what it says above, but it is sort of wrong. Razor leaf hurts 20-25 damage. First have a lot of sleep seeds or stun seeds. keep max elixirs too. Gather a whole lot of orange berries to heal. If your pokemon knows synthesis thats good. If you keep using smokescreen it will work well. Keep using sleep and stun seeds and attacking you will beat him.

  • DS | Submitted by Bulbasaur of Team Dragons

    Beating Koffing and Zubat Early

    While on the dungeon floors find blast seeds ,geo pebbles, and sticks. Don't use them! When you get to the pit, Koffing and Zubat will be their. After the battle starts, use your seeds pebbles and sticks. If you don't beat them by the time you run out of those items, battle them normally. You will probably win.

  • DS | Submitted by pokegirl

    How To Beat Dialga

    If you are a Charmander with a sleep seed and an X-eye seed and your partner is Piplup this is an easy way to beat Dialga, at the end of the game. Start by throwing your X-eye seed at him and use flamethrower when he's in front of you. Follow him and use fire fang when you are in front of you. When it wears off, use the sleep seed and get Piplup to use brine while you use flamethrower or fire fang and he should go down quick.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time / Darkness Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by DA MASTER OF ALL

    8 codes for 8 golden seeds

    3M2+ =T7C J698
    MFQX 0H-& &5SQ

    F-=9 #+Y4 4SJK
    1643 TR9% +H60

    &YQN 04%5 &+=F
    K3K= F4-+ 8T-2

    6JCJ 28C- %Y0T
    PC&- @360 R0Q-

    +NQ3 40HR 35HH
    @%CH H&9M MS88

    80F8 XPPP -8-=
    =6XJ T3X8 7SF%

    9-CM C5N4 F285
    -0JC +&X8 #P0F

    88@X XHQY 11W2
    8S=3 CW+M 32J7

  • DS | Submitted by Kirbyluver


    You must beat the level 10 boss for these to work

    Just enter these codes below and each job will give you a joy seed. a joy seed levels you up once.

    3TFJ 1PPP -TQ=
    =-X& T9C@ X#83

    0HFX 1&&X =&26
    572% #&+8 -P&&

    H020 ST%9 Y5X8
    446@ C0FR Q&=&

    F-%4 R7NT XQ2Y
    102F JX9J Y99H

    TNN9 Y&R7 X@+9
    R7%6 YM93 XP9@

    PC3T M28R X4#X
    M&H+ 6X4J M39R

    PJRT Q&-6 @&KR
    &00C 5+Y@ -1JW

    22J4 =H77 MR6Y
    N%K8 6CH- 0HNQ

    19#+ 3Y&- 2N51
    8SP4 WTY4 67#9

    @1-& 9#JX +21H
    F2#+ 452@ X0+S

    PM#3 =MFM 0H=2
    MM+1 00=F WR+K

    TMCF 9Y=F H+=@
    8P1S J%8Y M102

    C+ @+M@ 3#63

    and here is a code for a golden seed. a golden seed raises your level by 5!

    YHY& F9=9 TX#F
    C7%8 J5X9 34@8

    If you find a golden chamber mission, accept it because you have a chance to get more golden seeds and more golden items!

  • DS | Submitted by Tom1357

    Wonder Mail Generator

    Everyone knows that there is a wonder mail generator out there somewhere, well lucky for you all I know.
    All you have to do is go to the web address


    Then customize the mission to your liking, and then generate the password. Enter it in your game, play the mission, and congratulations you just used the wonder mail generator.

  • DS | Submitted by Tom1357

    A-OK code generator

    Have you ever been deep in a dungeon when you faint, and have no one to rescue you? No problem. Using this generator, you can get an a-ok code for rescuing yourself.

    To use, go to this web address


    Enter your SOS password, generate the code, put it in your game, and congrats, you just rescued yourself.

  • DS | Submitted by agoney


    Submit the codes through the options section of the main menu. You must be past chapter 10 to use the codes.

    FN01HWN-00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3
    Unlocks Bottomless Sea Boss: Kyogre Reward: Water Harmonica (Increases recruit rate for Water type Pokemon)

    Unlocks Giant Volcano Boss: Heatran Reward: Fire Drum - (Increases Recruit Rate for Fire Pokémon)

    Unlocks Giant Volcano Boss: Heatran Reward: Frie Drum (Increase recruit rate for Fire type Pokemon)

    78SR-H2MP0+4 Y6FY1&Y+#R9S
    Unlocks Maze Cave Boss: Gabite Reward: Gabite's Scale

    4MP=K98#CT%Y R@--&P7%%K86
    Unlocks Mt. Avalanche Cave Boss: Articuno Reward: Ice Flute (Increase recruit rate for Ice type Pokemon)

    X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K
    Unlocks Mysterious Jungle. Boss: Mew. Reward: Grass Trumpet (Increases recruit rate for Grass type Pokemon)

    #&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y
    Unlocks Shimmering Desert. Boss: Groudon. Reward: Earth Cymbal (Increases recruit rate for Ground type Pokemon)

    HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-
    Unlocks Sky Stairs. Boss: Rayquaza. Reward: Flying Pianaca (Increases recruit rate for Flying type Pokemon)

    Unlocks The Great Hole Boss: Giratina Reward: Rock Megaphone - (Increases Recruit Rate for Rock Pokémon)

    Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0
    Recruit eevee

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time / Darkness Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Explorer Ranks

    Normal Rank
    Bronze Rank: 100 points
    Silver Rank: 400 points
    Gold Rank: 1600 points
    Diamond Rank: 3200 points
    Super Rank: 6000 points
    Ultra Rank: 10000 points
    Hyper Rank: 15000 points
    Master Rank: ?

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622, real game freak

    Marowak Dojo: Final Maze

    Marowak Dojo

    After you graduate from the Guild go to Marowak's Dojo and you will be able to go to the Final Maze. We recommend you to go to Marine Resort first then you go to the Final Maze because in the Final Maze you get to fight many of the pokemon you have met in previous caves.

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0622

    Unlockable Dungeons

    These are the dungeons that you can unlock by doing the ??? missions:

    Oran Forest
    Tiny Meadow
    Lush Prairie
    Serenity River
    Landslide Cave
    Lake Afar
    Happy Outlook
    Mt. Mistral
    Shimmer Hill
    Lost Wilderness
    Midnight Forest

  • DS | Submitted by Itachi0113, Infernape of team Kick@$$

    Unlock New Dungeons

    Every day check the bulletin board and you might find a mission that says "???" Take the job and you might get a new place to explore.

    ??? means its either an egg, someone who wants to join or an item you can`t buy or find in your game.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time / Darkness Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by ctgodzilla, Infernape of team Kick@$$

    Pink Celebi

    Treeshroud forest (after beating game)

    At a curtain point in the game, you get dragged into the future and will eventually have to find Celebi. When you find her, look closely. Notice anything strange? She's pink! She's supposed to be green! Unfortunately, I don't think you can get her to join your team.

    Additional Info:

    When you get dragged into the future by "The Great Dusknoir" you will need to get to Celebi at Treeshroud Forest to get back to your time. If you are playing Explorers of Time, when you get to Celebi you will notice she is pink. After you beat the game you can recruit "shiny" Celebi.