Pokemon Monday - Black & White rumor roundup

Episode5 highlights

LatestPokemonBlack & Whiteinfo -We discuss the possiblities of Black & White's internet functionality, as well as ponder its apparent semi-bilingualness.

Juicy B&W rumors - Fact or fiction? A dubious fanart image of "Minotauros" casts doubt on an otherwisecredible source, who claims to have insiderinfo onB&W. We weigh in on the likelihood of each rumor.

E3 roundup - We gloss over PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure and express our unanimous distaste for the Pokemon Ranger series.

New gameplay videos revealed on Pokemon Sunday - We said we'd post the video, and here it is:

Question of the week: Which Pokemon do you think is most under appreciated and why?

See you next week!