Pokemon Legends: Arceus fan imagines convincing shiny forms of Hisuian Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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A Pokemon Legends: Arceus fan has imagined what the shiny forms of the game's new additions could look like.

In a post on Reddit, user awesomecat42 posted a series of images documenting possibilities for the shiny variants of the new Pokemon that will feature in the Hisui region. Starting out with Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, the user provides three options; one based on the Pokemon's original red and black colouring, another drawing from their original blue and purple shiny forms, and a third inspired by Chinese myths pertaining to golden foxes.

Other Hisuian variants include Growlithe, Braviary, and Voltorb. Growlithe gets a speculative recolouring based on the 'Komainu' figures that guard Inari shrines, inspired by Chinese, Japanese, and Buddhist culture. Voltorb gets colours inspired by different Pokeballs, while Hisuian Braviary's proposed Shiny forms are based on the Pokemon's original colouring.

Awesomecat also proposes shiny forms for the brand new additions to Pokemon Legends: Arceus new Pokemon. Kleavor, which evolves out of the Scyther/Scizor line, gets new colouring based on its predecessors, as well as what it might look like with obsidian rather than stone tools. Wyrdeer also borrows from mythology, with a shiny form based on myths of golden deer as well as the colours of its unevolved form, Stantler. Finally, Basculegion gets a recolour inspired by Basculin's blue stripe and orange shiny form, as well as a purple colour scheme befitting its new Ghost typing.

Shiny Pokemon have always been notoriously difficult to catch, but so far there's been no confirmation that they're making their way to Pokemon Legends: Arceus at all. Given their history throughout the series it's unlikely that they won't show up, but we're yet to see how they'll be presented in the game's open world-style areas.

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