Pokemon invade Spore

Over a million creatures have been uploaded to the Sporepedia since Spore’s Creature Creator was released. But now that the novelty of dancing phalluses (opens in new tab) and bouncing boob-a-licious breasts (opens in new tab) have died down, many players seem to be focusing their energies on the important stuff: recreating freaky Pokemon clones to conquer the galaxy with.

Some of these creations are eerily accurate while others are just plain eerie. From perfect Pikachus to misshapen monstrosities, read on to see the best/worst fan-made Poke-freaks. If you want to play god with these freaks of nature yourself, head here (opens in new tab) to download the Spore Creature Creator and follow the download links below to add them to your collection.

Author: chico1985
Download link (opens in new tab)

Above: If you want to conquer the galaxy with an unstoppable army of Poke-clones, grab the Spore Creature Creator and hit up the download links

Author: Cthulhuigi
Download link (opens in new tab)

Above: This clone has caught the Pika-flu and looks wrong. Very, very wrong

Author: Kuba11
Download link (opens in new tab)

Above: Egad! This freak will be chasing us down long hallways in our nightmares

Author: GrieverReborn
Download link (opens in new tab)

Author: Dragomew
Download link (opens in new tab)

Above: After seeing the Homer Simpson lips on this Chansey, all we can think about is how it’s going to gorge on all its eggs the second we look away

Author: Tucker12456
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Above: Apparently, Chansey’s naughty bits are full of razor sharp teeth