Pokemon Go Virizion weakness, counters and how to catch a Shiny

Virizion Pokemon Go
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Understanding Virizion weaknesses in Pokemon Go will help you counter and catch one of the “Swords of Justice” Pokemon. It's weak to a lot - Fire, Fairy, Psychic, Poison and Ice, but especially flying-type damage. Master what you need to beat it and you'll  increase your chances of a shiney. 

The Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon will appear in Five-Star Raids with a new exclusive move and the chance to catch a Shiny Virizion. To do so, trainers will need to know how to beat Virizion as quickly as possible and this handy guide will do just that.

If you want more Swords of Justice then we can help with the Pokemon Go Mythic Blade event, Keldeo and Crabrawler as well.

Virizion Weakness in Pokemon Go

Virizion is a Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon, giving it a ton of different weaknesses. The Gen 5 Legendary is weak to Fire, Fairy, Psychic, Poison and Ice-type moves. However, Flying-type attacks deal four times the damage.

Virizion Pokemon Go

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Virizion Counters in Pokemon Go

With the Virizion weaknesses we've outlined, trainers should really consider bringing a full team of Flying types, especially with two viable Mega Pokemon that can fill that role.

Mega Charizard Y and Mega Pidgeot are perfect to anchor a team of Flying types to take down Virizion as fast as possible. Other Flying types like Yveltal, Moltres and Lugia are perfect non-Mega options to take into battle.

While there are other powerful types that can deal super effective damage to Virizion, Flying is the way to go. If Flying types aren’t an option for you, Psychic types are the second most-powerful type in Pokemon Go to counter Viriziono.

Mega Latios and Latios are powerful Psychic-type Legendaries while Mega Alakazam can really put a hurting on Virizion. Non-Mega options for Psychic teams include Lugia and Mewtwo.

Here is a list of Virizion counters that trainers can use in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go Virizion weakness and counters
Mega Charizard YFire Spin and Blast Burn
Mega PidgeotGust and Brave Bird
Mega Latios/LatiasZen Headbutt and Psychic
Mega AlakazamConfusion and Psychic
MoltresWing Attack and Sky Attack
LugiaExtrasensory and Aeroblast
RayquazaAir Slash and Hurricane
YveltalGust and Hurricane
MewtwoPsycho Cut and Psystrike
StaraptorGust and Brave Bird

Along with the above counters, trainers should also be aware of the moves Virizion can use in Pokemon Go.

Virizion has two Fast Attacks, and both are pretty inconsequential. Quick Attack is a Normal move that won’t deal any super effective damage while Zen Headbutt is a Psychic-type attack that would deal a lot of damage to Poison types but only neutral to Flying types and Psychic types resist it.

That gives Dark and Flying types like Yveltal and Honchkrow a leg up in battle against Virizion, but when it comes to the Legendary’s Charged Attacks it is a bit of a different story.

Close Combat (Fighting) and Leaf Blade (Grass) won’t cause Flying or Psychic types any problems but Stone Edge will. The Rock-type attack deals super effective damage to Flying Pokemon. However, the one-third chance the Virizion you’re facing off against has this move doesn’t overshadow the benefit of using Flying Pokemon.

Here’s the full list of moves Virizion can use in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go Virizion moves and attacks
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Quick AttackClose Combat
Zen HeadbuttLeaf Blade
Row 2 - Cell 0 Stone Edge

How to catch Shiny Virizion in Pokemon Go

Virizion can be caught in Raids as a Shiny but requires a bit of luck. 

Trainers who are hunting a Shiny Virizion will need to battle as many Five-Star Raids as long as Virizion is in them. To help with this, there is a special Raid Hour featuring Virizion happening on December 7 from 6-7 p.m. local time. 

Trainers can pick up a free Raid Pass once per day by entering a Gym, and they can purchase more Raid Passes in the in-game shop. 

There is no way to boost Shiny odds, but battle as many Virizion as possible and you just may get lucky. 

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