Pokemon Go Halloween 2022 event adds Mega Banette

Pokemon Go Halloween 2022
(Image credit: Niantic)

The annual Pokemon Go Halloween event is upon us, and studio Niantic has revealed what to expect from the first part of this not-so-spooky two-part event.

According to Niantic, part one of Pokemon Go Halloween 2022 kicks off on October 20 at 10am local time and runs until the same time on October 27. The big addition is Mega Banette, which qualifies as a Halloween Pokemon almost solely by virtue of being a Pokemon Go Ghost-type, but hey, I'll take it - and if you want some Pokemon Go Mega Banette raid counters to help you catch it, we can help you there. When the first part of this year's Pokemon Go Halloween event begins, you'll start seeing Mega Banette appearing in Mega Raids, and if you're lucky, you might encounter a shiny one. 

Out in the wild, you'll also start seeing more Ghost-type Pokemon lurking around the wild, in Field Research task encounters, and in raids. This is all available to every Pokemon Go player in addition to a seasonal remix of the classic Lavender Town music, Halloween-themed decorations and event bonuses, and some themed Special Research tasks, which will be available until November 1 at 10am.

You'll also be able to buy new Halloween-themed avatar items, like the Dusclops costume and headwrap and Zubat headband. Finally, the Spooky Pose from in the in-game shop will shamble forward like the undead during the event, which is probably as unnerving as a Pokemon game will ever get.

Then there's the paid content. For $1, you can grab a ticket that grants access to special Timed Research featuring encounters with Yamask and Galarian Yamask. There's also a $5 ticket that that gets you more Candy bonuses, more Halloween-themed tasks, and an avatar pose. You can buy one or both of those tickets to gain access to their unique special rewards.

Halloween events are known for their trickery, so be sure to arm yourself with these Pokemon Go tips so you're as prepared as possible. 

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