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Pokemon GO Dialga Raid Counters and everything you need to defeat him

Pokemon go Dialga Raid Counters
(Image credit: Niantic)

Knowing the best Pokemon GO Dialga Raid Counters will help with one of the most powerful Legendaries in Pokemon GO. Its superb Dragon and Steel typing and variety of attacks make Dialga a highly desired Pokemon for trainers to take into battle against other Legendaries. However, Dialga’s positives in battle also make it one of the toughest Pokemon to defeat in Raids. There are options that will make battling Dialga in Raids easier but be prepared for a drawn-out fight. 

Also, with the start of the Pokemon GO Ultra Unlocks Part 1 event, Shiny Dialga will be available to catch in Pokemon GO so there is an incentive to try and catch as many as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about Dialga Raids in Pokemon GO including the best counters for it. 

Pokemon GO Dialga Counters

Pokemon go Dialga Raid Counters

(Image credit: Niantic)

Dialga is a Dragon and Steel-type Pokemon one of the best typings in the entire franchise. It makes Dialga resistant to a whopping 10 types including Normal, Rock, Water, Grass, Electric, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug and Steel. 

Thankfully, Dialga is weak to Fighting and Ground, two of the most powerful and common attacks in the game. There are plenty of Pokemon, especially Legendaries, that can bring powerful Ground-type attacks into battle against Dialga. Landorus and Groudon are the obvious choices as they are currently the only Ground-type Legendaries. Unfortunately, there is only one Mega Pokemon option currently in Pokemon GO. Mega Lopunny’s high attack and Fighting-type attacks is a great option to go up against Dialga if trainers can accumulate enough Mega Energy. Bringing Mega Lopunny into a Dialga Raid will also increase the damage of other Pokemon’s Fighting-type attacks. 

In the future, trainers will have more Mega Pokemon options like Mega Swampert, Mega Medicham, Mega Heracross, Mega Blaziken, Mega Camerupt, Mega Lucario, Mega Garchomp, Mega Gallade and Mega Mewtwo X. For now, Mega Lopunny is your only Mega Pokemon choice.  

Here are some options to take on Dialga in Pokemon GO Raids to consider:

Dialga Pokemon GO Raid counters
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Mega LopunnyLow KickFocus Blast
LucarioCounterAura Sphere
ConkeldurrCounterDynamic Punch
MachampCounterDynamic Punch
ExcadrillMud-SlapDrill Run
LandorusMud ShotEarthquake
GroudonMud ShotEarthquake
MammoswineCounterDynamic Punch

Pokemon GO Dialga Moveset

Being a Dragon and Steel-type Pokemon, trainers should expect an attack of each type in Dialga’s arsenal, which could mean some counters may not be the best. 

Mammoswine is a great Ground-type attacker, however, its Ice typing makes it weak against Dialga’s Steel-type attacks. It’s tough to predict which moveset Dialga will use when you go into battle against it, but seeing what Pokemon the mobile game recommends could give some insight. If the game recommends an Ice-type like Mammoswine, then it’s likely safe to bring it in. 

Here are Dialga’s known moveset in Pokemon GO:

Dialga Moveset
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Dragon BreathDraco Meteor
Metal ClawIron Head

The best counters that would do well against Dialga no matter what its moveset is are Lucario and Excadrill. Lucario and Excadrill’s Steel typing makes it resistant to Dialga’s Steel and Dragon-type attacks. Excadrill has the added bonus of resisting Dialga’s Thunder attack as well so consider bringing it into battle.  

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