Pokemon Go is getting 10 days of Detective Pikachu events starting tomorrow

With Pokemon Detective Pikachu coming to theaters on Friday, May 10, Pokemon Go is getting in on the movie hype with over a week of sleuth-themed events. The Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu event will kick off tomorrow, May 7, and continue through May 17, Niantic announced today. 

During that time, you'll be able to catch your own detective Pikachu - or at least a Pikachu wearing a detective hat. It may or may not talk like Ryan Reynolds. While using Pokemon Go's Snapshot feature during the event, you'll have a chance of being photobombed by a Pikachu wearing the now-iconic hat. Once you see the little bugger in Snapshot mode, you'll have a chance of catching that Pikachu in the wild. So even if you don't normally use Snapshot mode all that much, be sure to take a few photos. 

Once you catch a sleuthing Pikachu, you can also go the extra mile and give your trainer a matching outfit. A detective hat with Pikachu ears and a Detective Pikachu T-shirt will be available in the Pokemon Go Style Shop throughout the event. 

Players will also benefit from passive bonuses. Pokemon featured in the film will be more common during the event, for example, including Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Snubbull, and both normal and Shiny Aipom. Niantic says players will also be able to take on "Raid Battles that challenge Pokémon featured in the film, as well as movie-inspired Field Research." Additionally, catching any Pokemon - not just the ones from the film - will yield double XP during the event. 

Here are all the Pokemon confirmed to appear in the Detective Pikachu movie

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