Pokemon Go celebrates the Equinox with double Stardust, special eggs and OOOOOH *Super Incubators*

If all it takes is just a little celebration event to push you screaming back into the world of constantly charging your battery and taking detours to catch a Totodile, then have I got some good news for you. Pokemon Go (opens in new tab) is making the most of the autumn Equinox  with a slew of bonus XP gifts and Stardust. Plus, the long rumoured Super Incubators are inbound, hatching eggs 1.5 times faster than standard versions. 

Right. Here are all the bonuses. *deep breath* From 1pm PDT/ 9pm BST on September 22 until 1pm PDT/9pm BST on October 2, Niantic (opens in new tab) is rewarding every Pokemon catch and egg hatch with double Stardust. Plus, new special 2km eggs will be available from Pokestops and Gyms that contain rarer Pokemon such as Chansey, Mareep,  and Larvitar. Yep, you might finally actually net yourself enough Mareeps for an Ampharos. 

And speaking of. There's also a nice little bonus if you're getting back to filling your Pokedex. New entries in your catalogue of fictional monsters will earn you triple XP during the Equinox period. Not a bad way to level up and get back in the game. Finally, new items in the shop will include some money saving special boxes that include bundles of Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and those aforementioned slightly cheeky Super Incubators. It's worth remembering too that the Legendary dog Pokemon (opens in new tab) are going to do their continental switcheroo at the end of the month so get hunting your local doggo before they're gone for good. Better charge that battery pack tonight, eh?

Louise Blain

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