A Pokemon stop-motion series is coming to Netflix – here’s your Psyduck-themed first look

Psyduck in Pokemon Concierge
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company/Netflix)

A new Pokemon series has been revealed during the Pokemon Presents stream – and it’s coming to Netflix.

Titled Pokemon Concierge and utilizing stop-motion animation techniques, the Netflix series sees the French animation studio Dwarf Studio partnering with The Pokemon Company.

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"With this title, we’re excited to marry an entirely new storyline that expands the Pokemon Universe with groundbreaking stop-motion animation," Minyoung Kim, vice president of content at Netflix’s APAC region, said. 

"To bring this new world to life, we’ve partnered with the amazing creative team at Dwarf Studio. The series, which will be set at the Pokemon Resort, follows a story of our concierge Haru and the many Pokemon who visit as guests."

As Pokemon’s television output enters an exciting new era on Netflix, it’s all set to say goodbye to an icon. Ash Ketchum, protagonist of the mainline Pokemon anime for 25 years, will depart the series. In his place, a new hero and a new Pikachu – wearing a captain’s hat.

Ash’s final episode, airing March 24 in Japan, now has a synopsis teasing a reunion that brings the series full circle (H/T ComicBook.com (opens in new tab)).

"When Ash and Pikachu return to Pallet Town, they reunite with Gary who asks Ash the question: How much closer to becoming the Pokemon Master are you now that you've become the Champion? Becoming a Pokemon Master has been Ash's dream ever since he set off on his journey with Pikachu. Will Ash be able to find the answer to this question?"

Pokemon Concierge is currently undated. To fill out your watchlist until then here are the best Netflix shows.

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