PlayStation VR bundle pre-orders live, headset-only pre-orders open March 29

If you're a North American looking to secure a PlayStation VR in time for its October launch, you might want to head on over to Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, or Best Buy. Pre-orders for the $500 PlayStation VR launch bundle - which comes with the headset, stereo headphones, PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds - are now live (and quickly selling out, so time is of the essence).

"But Sam," you say. "I already have a PlayStation Camera, and I even have a Move controller! I don't want to re-buy those things, I just want the headset!" Well first of all, kudos to you for holding onto your Move controller. I owned one for maybe a month before I figured I would never use it again and now I'll literally be paying for my short-sightedness. Secondly, don't fret, because Sony has a deal for you too.

Previously, Sony stated that a headset-only version of the PlayStation VR would not be available for pre-order. However, Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing John Koller has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that the $400 "core" package of just the headset, its necessary cables, headphones, and a demo disc (which is different from VR Worlds) will be available for pre-order, starting March 29.

"Thanks to everyone for sharing their feedback on PlayStation VR pre-orders," he writes. "It’s clear that there’s a lot of interest from many of you to secure the PlayStation VR core system." If you're looking for some games to go with your impending purchase, why not check out the list of 50+ confirmed titles in development for the accessory?

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Sam Prell

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