PlayStation Vita game boxes are HUGE

You know how DS and 3DS game cases are quite small compared to DVD-sized game cases? And how PSP game boxes are tall and thin? Well, there's no such concessions where the PS Vita is concerned. Pictures have emerged from Japan showing the new media's storage styling... and frankly they're disproportionately large considering the size of the game card. A bit like keeping a mindisc in the sleeve for a '78... not that I'm implying any impending obsolescence in the Vita's proprietary media. Erm... let's see these pictures then, shall we?

Above: Pictures taken in Japan, sadly with no real frame of reference to judge comparative size, although a Memory Stick Pro Duo fits in the hole there

These are dummy boxes sent to Japanese retailers but, judging by the curved top of the card slot, these look like they will indeed hold actual Vita game cards, so this design seems very likely to be final. Interestingly, however, there's no sign of the plastic-saving design of the 3DS case. Guess someone does care about those penguins...

Above: Can't believe I'd forgotten about this image

What's not clear from the Vita images is whether the boxes are exactly as big as PS3 game cases, but we kind of hope they are. After all, arranging your games just right on your shelf is a serious business as we very well know.

13 Oct, 2011

Source: Owacon via Kotaku

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