PlayStation France seemingly confirms PS5 controller will be backwards compatible

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The PS5 controller has potentially received its official name, the DualShock 5, from a listing leak on PlayStation France's website, which also seemed to confirm that the next-gen device will be backwards compatible to work with the PS4. 

The listing has since been updated by PlayStation, but users on Resetera grabbed a screen of the PS4 and PS4 Pro comparison table, which revealed that both models of the console are compatible with "DS4/DS5 (a.k.a. the DualShock 4 and DualShock 5). We had seen the listing for ourselves before Sony had pulled it. 

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PS5 specs – what's inside the next-generation PlayStation console?

This will come as good news to those who weren't planning on buying Sony's upcoming console on Day One, when it releases in Holiday of this year, but may want to upgrade their PS4 with a swanky new set of next-gen controllers, which PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has promised will represent a "completely different experience" to what's come before. 

Plenty of leaked patents and images have already revealed that the DualShock 5 will contain an in-built mic, larger analogue sticks, and a set of back paddles, while Sony has confirmed that it's incorporating haptic feedback technology into the devices to create a more responsive gaming set-up. 

Meanwhile, the evidence of an incoming PlayStation Meeting this February - devoted specifically to reveal the PS5 in all its next-gen glory - is mounting up, especially after Sony confirmed it wouldn't be attending E3 2020 this summer. Now, it's just a matter of patience, as we wait for PlayStation to officially announce something, anything, before more leaks surface online. 

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