PlayStation Eye camera revealed

Sony has unveiled the first image of its PlayStation 3 answer to the EyeToy camera -renamed PlayStation Eye. As you can see, the major major visual upgrade from the original cam is thebig microphone on the top.

Planned for release in the summer it will enable PS3 owners to engage in voice and video chat and most importantly allow you to flick the bird at people during online gaming sessions.

Sony has also revealed that it's being "specifically designed to work with the next-generation of social gaming titles and new services being developed for PS3" - so expect it to play a big part in communication during time spent in the Home social-networking environment.

Other new features include (in a handy list format):

- A microphone that reduces background noise and focus on the person who is speaking.

- The ability to capture videos directly to your hard drive.

- Ability to perform in low-light scenarios, to avoid your videos looking like the Paris Hilton Sex tapes.

- Slow motion and time lapse functions.

- Zoom lens for gory close-ups.

- Bundled with special EyeCreate software that allows the editing of video and pictures.

Check back to GamesRadar later for more comment on the PS Eye, where we'll be looking at what games will be making use of the camera.

April 26, 2007