Catch PlayStation Experience's game-packed keynote here

Sony's throwing a big trade show/convention/party in Las Vegas this weekend, and even if you're not attending, you can still catch the exciting reveals from the comfort of your own home. Below you'll find the embed for the official PlayStation Experience Twitch stream, scheduled to kick off with a keynote presentation on Saturday at 10 am Pacific / 6 pm UK time.

What should you expect to see there? Sony's keeping some of its lineup secret, but Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat X, and No Man's Sky are all confirmed. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studios, Sony London Studio, EA, and many other developers will also appear on the stage or show floor. Last but not least, given the timing and platform reveals of the leaked trailer, we may hear more about Street Fighter 5.

The keynote's set to last until noon / 8 pm, after which the stream will cut over to live demos, developer interviews, and panels. Don't dwell too long, though, or you'll miss out on our fantastic 24-hour charity livestream… or just keep both open in separate windows for some sweet sensory overload.

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