PlayStation and Xbox fans agree on one thing - it's time to buy a machine that can play Starfield

(Image credit: Bethesda)

After the Starfield Direct, PlayStation fans are hitting social media in surprising numbers to announce their intention to pick up an Xbox in order to play Bethesda's sci-fi RPG epic.

This Reddit thread title pretty much sets the tone: "I've been a PlayStation snob for 9 years. The Starfield Direct is changing that." As user Danxoln explains, "Xbox exclusives have come and gone and I never once planned on getting an Xbox. I wasn't even a third of the way done with the Direct and I was already doing research on Xbox Series S, Games Pass, and my own custom controller."

While yes, that's just one thread, the Starfield subreddit has been dotted with similar sentiments over the past few days, with topics titled things like "I might be switching to Xbox for this game," "Bringing me back to Xbox," and "Is the Xbox Series S worth getting just for Starfield?" Whether it's down to good faith or good moderation, these conversations are largely free of console war bickering, and are mostly just made up of people excited for Starfield asking for advice on the current Xbox ecosystem.

Well, actually, some PC gaming enthusiasts are acting up. As much as I love PC gaming - and as likely as I am to be playing Starfield on my own desktop rig come September 6 - we've got people out here claiming you can build a PC with equivalent performance for the same price as a Series X. I'm sorry folks, but we ain't there yet.

Maybe the funniest bit about all this is that the flocks of PlayStation fans buying Microsoft consoles for Starfield seems to fly in the face of Xbox boss Phil Spencer's own prognostications about Starfield's ability to influence the console race. In fairness to Phil, all those PlayStation fans are likely to keep buying multiplatform games on their favored console, but that hasn't stopped a few "Phil Spencer was wrong" comments from popping up.

If you're diving into the system for Starfield, these are the best Xbox Series X games out there.

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