Play Orcs Must Die, Fear 3, Metro 2033, and Amnesia for free this weekend

If you haven’t tried cloud gaming with OnLive, this weekend would be a good time to start. From today through Monday, October 31, you can play Orcs Must Die, Fear 3, Metro 2033, and Amnesia for free. Become a fan of OnLive on Facebook for an unannounced fifth free game that’ll be available this Monday.

To get your free games:
1. Sign up, install and launch the OnLive app. This part’s free.
2. Go to the Marketplace and pick any of the temporarily free games mentioned
3. Select “Get Game” and 3-Day Rental ($0.00)
4. Enter your password and play

The great thing about OnLive is that you don’t need a powerful gaming rig to play games. All the work is done by OnLive’s data centers, which stream the game to your monitor via your internet connection. Since the service first launched, OnLive has partnered with many more publishers, significantly increasing the number of titles available for you to sample, rent, or purchase.

Since OnLive’s been beefing up its catalogue, promotions like this seem like a good next step for the service, but if you only have time to play one of the 3-day freebies available this weekend, we’d recommend going with Orcs Must Die. It’s Army of Darkness meets Tower Defense.