Play Fortnite in Fortnite with Compact Combat, a miniature version of Season 7's map

Fortnite Season 8 is in full swing, with its swashbucklin' pirate theme and a giant volcano popping up in the northeast corner of the map. But if you ever get nostalgic for days spent chasing Victory Royales in Season 7, you can always visit Compact Combat, a meticulously crafted miniature version of Fortnite's wintery Season 7 map that's playable in Creative mode.

Compact Combat was made by P_recs (posting on Reddit as Sputeit), and beautifully recreates Fortnite's iconic locations in shrunken-down form. They've posted a fun video with a flyby of this island and its bite-sized buildings, fittingly set to music by Marshmello, the masked DJ who recently threw a live concert in Fortnite. It's amazing how closely each little chunk of map resembles the original, duplicating the look, layout, and iconic landmarks of all the areas using nothing more than dinky buildings, rocks, and shrubbery.  

Despite the name, you probably wouldn't want to actually fight anyone on the Compact Combat island, as it's a pretty flat area by Fortnite standards. Instead, think of it like a diorama exhibit at some kind of Fortnite museum, except you actually get to jump all over it for a closer look at each section. As Reddit user harx3000 suggested, this is also the perfect opportunity to don your Rex outfit and masquerade as Godzilla, stomping around the puny map location like a giant monster. You can also do your best Derek Zoolander impression and cry out "What is this? A Fortnite map for ants?!"

As with all Fortnite Creative codes, you can visit Compact Combat by visiting Creative mode, then punching in the code 5320-7315-4181 to open up a portal all your own. If you want to show your appreciation for this fun little (literally) map, you can copy in "P_recs" for the Support-A-Creator code that'll give them a share of any V-Bucks you spend in the Item Shop.  

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Lucas Sullivan

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