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Disney Plus to release new Pixar shorts featuring the return of Toy Story and Soul characters

Now this is a welcome surprise. Pixar is releasing a new series of shorts on Disney Plus – and they’re coming very soon.

Entitled Pixar Popcorn, the 10 announced shorts feature the return of several beloved Pixar properties and characters and will arrive on the streaming service on January 22.

Among the highlight names are Toy Story with “To Fitness and Beyond” and “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny” Surprisingly, the Jamie Foxx-led Soul (which premiered on Disney Plus on Christmas Day) is also getting a short called “Soul of the City.”

“Dancing with the Cars” and “Unparalleled Parking” sees the comeback of Lightning McQueen and company, while “Dory Finding” is a short starring everyone’s favourite forgetful fish. “Cookie Num Num” and “Chore Day The Incredibles Way” revisits the superhero family of The Incredibles. Finally, “A Day in the Life of the Dead” takes us back to the Land of the Dead from Coco.

Beyond the shorts, Pixar has plenty more in the pipeline. Luca, centring around “a boy named Luca as he experiences an unforgettable summer in a seaside town on the Italian Riviera” is set for June. You can see the first concept art now.

Further down the line, Turning Red rings in 2022 with a story about a teenager who transforms into a red panda whenever she gets too excited. Obviously. Finally, we’re heading to infinity and beyond with Chris Evans playing Buzz Lightyear in an origin movie for the astronaut-turned-action-figure.

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