Pirates 3 pics online

While the second Pirates Of The Caribbean wasn’t the best movie of the year, plenty of people loved it and went to see it more than once.

Which means that there will likely be several – several million, that is – people interested in exposing their eyes to new pictures from the third film.

Chances are you might have seen a couple of these already, but this is the opportunity to get a good look at Chow Yun Fat as Captain Sao Fang, and the fact that Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow survives the end of Dead Man’s Chest (sorry for anyone worried about spoilers, or those who really thought that the franchise would kill off its favourite character at the end of the second film).

Not much is known about the third movie’s plot, aside from our heroes running afoul of oriental pirates and Geoffrey Rush’s Captain Barbossa back to cause yet more chaos. Plus a recent interview with the ILM Bods revealed that the effects team are working on something that’s “giving everyone ulcers”, so it looks like the spectacle will be ramped up again.

Click here to see the pics and the film itself will sail into cinemas on 25 May next year.

Source: ( ComingSoon.net )

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