Unsung hero rescues very tired Pikmin stranded in the Pacific ocean by freak accident

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Thanks to an airborne rescue mission, one lone Pikmin has been spared the task of walking straight through the Pacific Ocean to get to Korea from the United States. 

Twitter user @serinide has shared the story of how they saved their brave Pikmin from walking an unnecessary 6,000+ miles in mobile game Pikmin Bloom. The story starts with Serinide sending their little red Pikmin on a mission to pick up a gift from LA. After retrieving the gift, the Pikmin begins making their way back to Serinide, who by this point way on their way to Korea - meaning the brave little guy would need to walk for 81+ days over the Pacific Ocean to reunite with its owner in Asia. 

Serinide was in Korea for three months and the little Pikmin still hadn't made its way to them, so they decided to give the little guy's feet a rest by picking it up during their flight back to California. It was clearly a stressful operation, if the Pikmin wasn't retrieved whilst Serinide was airborne, it would have had to have made its own way back to California from Hawaii - basically retracing all of the days' worth of steps it had made so far.    

Thankfully, as Serinide's tweet reveals, the Pikmin was successfully plucked out of the Pacific Ocean - saving it several months' worth of walking. "BY GOD WE DID IT," the Pikmin Bloom player's tweet reads, along with a screenshot of the probably very tired little guy. 

It turns out, Serinide isn't the only person to find themselves in this sort of predicament. In the replies to their tweet, several other Pikmin fans celebrated the adventurer's return and shared their own stories. "Remembering when I was [in] Mexico and I sent a Pikmin to [the US], took him a month to get back," one Twitter user responded

"I moved from Ohio to the west coast of Australia a few months ago... all of my Pikmin are on a very long journey," another replied along with a screenshot showing that it's going to take 262 days for their Pikmin to return to them. 

"My brother sent a Pikmin on a mission while he was in Texas, flew to Utah, the Pikmin started coming back," another explained, "the Pikmin made it to Utah but before it made it back to him he flew from Utah to Maryland and the Pikmin had to follow him across the country." That Pikmin's legs must have been aching by the time it got back home. 

Pikmin Bloom was developed by Pokemon Go developer Niantic and sees players use AR technology and their device's step count and location to interact with the little Nintendo mascots. 

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