PGR image used in PS3 ad - AGAIN

A KIA car model featured in Xbox 360-exclusive PRG3 has been used in an image promoting the car manufacturer and the PlayStation 3. Whoops...

For the record this is the second time assets from Project Gotham Racing have been used in conjunction with a PlayStation promotion.

Back in January, a similar goof was made while promoting Gran Turismo HD. On Sony's ownPSP Connect website, a 'splash' encouraging visitors to download a new GTHDtrailer used an image of Xbox 360 racer Project Gotham Racing 3."

Above: Check out a snapshot of this blunder, just in case it disappears

But now a KIA website has used an image of a car model from the Microsoft game alongside a real-world image of a KIA car. You can clearly see the PGR license plate on the vehicle from the videogame.

It's probably the fault of the person who mans the KIA website rather than a blatant Sony boob like the Gran Turismo ad. We expect the website to be "updated" imminently.

May 17, 2007