Peter Parker struggles to hold onto his humanity in Savage Spider-Man #4

Savage Spider-Man #4
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Savage Spider-Man is living up to its name by turning Peter Parker into a full-on Spider-monster, not unlike the Man-Spider from the '90s Spider-Man animated series. Now, in Savage Spider-Man #4, things are getting even more wild and wooly as Spidey's struggle against the super-science villains known as the Immaculatum and Baron Zemo is ramping up as Peter Parker struggles with the fear of losing his human side entirely amidst his spider-like mutations.

Marvel Comics has unveiled a preview of interior pages for Savage Spider-Man #4 from writer Joe Kelly and artist Gerardo Sandoval which dig into the conundrum Spidey's currently facing as he tries to hold onto his humanity and escape the villainous Immaculatum.

Check out the pages right here:

This latest transformation isn't the first time Spider-Man has gone 'Savage.' Starting way back in the early '70s when he first grew six arms, Spider-Man has often undergone transformations and mutations thanks to his spider-powers that have often resulted in changes to his abilities, and even his physical appearance.

Then of course there's the original Venom saga, in which Peter Parker was possessed by his symbiote costume, which began driving him toward more violent and destructive impulses before Parker divested himself of the symbiote and escaped its murderous designs, leading to the creation of Venom when the symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock.

Savage Spider-Man has explored the more animalistic side of Peter Parker's powers and place in the Marvel Universe - the 'spider' part of Spider-Man, which has occasionally been the root of some of Spidey's strangest adventures.

Savage Spider-Man #4 goes on sale June 15.

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