Persona 5 Royal gets a fancy '1 More' edition for its Xbox, Switch, and PS5 debut

Persona 5 Royal 1 More edition
(Image credit: Atlus)

Persona 5 Royal is coming to Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS5 (natively, with no free upgrade available) on October 21, and Atlus is launching a fancy 1 More edition of the game for its multi-platform debut. 

The $119.99 1 More edition is exclusive to Switch, PS5, and Xbox (both Series X and Xbox One). As the official Atlus Shop listing explains, it comes with a physical copy of the game which also includes all previously released DLC (over 40 pieces in all) as well as a steelbook case. The rest of the collection is filled out by merchandise including an art frame, a tote bag based on Akechi's, a deck of tarot cards inspired by the game's Arcana, and art prints of the Phantom Thieves, all boxed up in a big treasure chest. 

Persona 5 Royal's 1 More edition is closer to the Take Your Heart edition of the original game than the original Phantom Thieves edition of Royal, though it notably doesn't come with an art book or any sort of music merchandise like a soundtrack CD. Atlus expects 1 More edition merchandise items to ship in late November 2022, while pre-orders for the game itself will ship "before launch" on October 21. 

A standard $59.99 version of the game will also be available. Pre-orders are still opening up, but Target has early listings for all three consoles (though Switch and Xbox are sold out at Target at the time of writing). Persona 5 Royal is also up for wishlisting on Steam, and boy does it feel strange but wonderful to talk about this game coming to PC. 

Atlus and Sega are working on video game adaptations of some kind, which means a live-action Persona 5 series could be in the works

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