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People spending a lot of time on PS3, but not a lot of it playing games

If you're a 13-year-old PS3 owner, chances are you like your PS3 but spend more than half of your time with it doing stuff other than playing games. That's according to the results of a new Nielsen study that looked at how people interact with their game consoles.

Not surprisingly, the console that was used most for gaming was the Wii. About 69% of the time users in the survey spent on their Wii was devoted to video games. 20%, meanwhile was used watching Netflix content. Even that's a lot for a system that originally billed itself as a devoted 100% to games.

On the PS3, though, there was significantly more time spread out over different features - so much so that less than half of users' time was actually spent playing games on the game console. And that's what makes it the most interesting system in the survey. Here's what the top three uses of the PS3 were:

- Playing games: 49%
- Watching DVD/Blu-ray: 27%
- Watching downloaded or streaming video: 13%

That leaves about 11% for listening to music, looking at photos, and browsing the Internet.

The Xbox 360, as you might guess, was sandwiched between the other two consoles. Xboxers spent 62% of their time playing games, with 34% of that devoted to online gaming. That made it the most commonly used system for online play.

In total, here's how much time the survey respondents were using their consoles:

- Wii: 1.4 hours per week
- PS3: 4.1 hours per week
- Xbox 360: 4.9 hours per week

The PS3 and 360 continue to push themselves as the only box you need for your TV, and it looks like they're succeeding with that message. As long as you're using them, Sony and Microsoft are happy. They really don't care what you're doing as long as you're connected. Good news for the gaming companies, bad news for the TV, cable, satellite, movie rental, and music streaming companies.


Dec 17, 2010