Pen To Paper: Horror and hit men

There was no shortage of ink being spilled in Tinseltown this week as deals were being sealed all over the shop. First up, Section 8, George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh’s joint production outfit, which has snapped up teen horror flick Wind Chill. The film, which centres on two college kids travelling home for the holidays only to have their car die on a haunted road populated by the ghosts of all who’ve died there before. So, it’s Road Trip meets Jeepers Creepers. Directing duties will be handled by Greg Jacobs (Criminal).

It’s horror rehash time… Warner Bros has greenlit an updated version of Creepshow. The 1982 original was an anthology of five unconnected creepy tales, written by Stephen King and directed by zombie king George A Romero. King and Romero were both involved in the writing of the 1987 sequel too, although although neither man is attached to the new version, which will link its stories together. If ‘written by Stephen King and directed by George A Romero’ didn’t scare them off, let’s hope that new writer-directors Ana Clavell and James Glenn Dudelson have a corker of a script up their sleeves.

The mighty Vin Diesel is setting his sights on playing the mysterious lead in Hitman, based on the multi-million selling video game. Swordfish scribbler Skip Woods has been hired to adapt the tale of Agent 47, an international assassin who rubs people out for an organisation known only as The Agency. 20th Century Fox is looking at the actioner to kick off a new franchise. Last time Diesel tried to spark up an action franchise, in xXx, he was being tipped by breathless journalists (ok, hands up…) as the James Bond. We’re still living that one down…

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