Pegg chats Scotty

While Run Fatboy Run has long since come and gone over here, it’s only just about to hit cinemas Stateside.

Simon Pegg has been out on the promo tour and he sat down with Aintitcool to discuss the movie. But he was also happy to talk about some of his other small movies coming up. Such as a certain space-based adventure (in which he plays Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott) that will now see screens in May 2009.

“The rough and tumble chirpy engineer from Linlithgow is very much in the film,” he told the site. “My intention was to take it as James (Doohan) did when he first picked up the script, and just say ‘Okay, he’s a physics genius, he’s an engineer, he’s from Scotland…’ and approach the character like that and to have my interpretation of it.”

He also talked more on the subject of the much-despite McSpaced show and word that will delight American fans of the show – he and his Spaced co-creators are recording new commentaries for the American release of the DVDs. Click the link for the rest of the interview…

Source: ( Aintitcool )