Peach Momoko's Demon Days concludes in March but a sequel could be coming

cover of Demon Days: Blood Feud #1
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Marvel Comics 'Stormbreaker' artist Peach Momoko will bring her Demon Days saga of one-shots to an end in March with the release of Demon Days: Blood Feud, which brings the Japanese folklore-influenced tale to its conclusion - at least in terms of its "current arc."

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Demon Days: Blood Feud brings the main character of Demon Days, Mariko Yashida, face-to-face with Ogin - her own sister and arch-enemy - and Ogin's Hulk-esque bodyguard for a final showdown.

Marvel's announcement bills Ogin as a "brand new take on the Silver Samurai," following Demon Days' theme of reinterpreting Marvel characters such as the aforementioned Mariko Yashida and Hulk in new incarnations based on concepts from traditional Japanese mythology and folklore.

"This was my first time writing and painting a long-term story and honestly I was a bit scared!" states Momoko in the announcement of Blood Feud. "But in the end I feel very proud to be able to create five issues in the span of a year and a few months." 

"I hope everyone reading Demon Days sees my growth and experience leveling up in every issue. And I will continue to grow and hope one day to leave an important mark for everyone to see!" Momoko concludes.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Though Marvel's announcement doesn't make it explicit, it's implied that more Demon Days stories could be in the works, with the publisher referring to the story's setting as the "Momoko-Verse," and the series of one-shots as its "current saga."

Following the release of Demon Days: Blood Feud, all five Demon Days one-shots - Demon Days: X-Men, Demon Days: Mariko, Demon Days: Cursed Web, Demon Days: Rising Storm, and of course, Demon Days: Blood Feud - will be collected in an oversized Treasury Edition style trade, with a new cover from Momoko, seen here.

Along with the covers of Demon Days: Blood Feud #1 and the Demon Days Treasury Edition collection, Marvel Comics has released character designs for Ogin:

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel's full March 2022 solicitations, coming in December.

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