PC Gamer and GamesRadar: BFFs

PC Gamer: your favorite magazine, with a website charitably described as "old-school."

GamesRadar: a tech powerhouse of a website located, conveniently, right across the hall from the PC Gamerstaff.

If you were thinking "strategic alliance" along the lines of those that have brought down Hitler, Sauron, and most reality television contestants, then you're thinking like I'm thinking. Starting now, GamesRadar's PC channel will be powered by PC Gamer. In other words, PC Gamer readers are finally getting the new website we've been promising you like parents promise their kid a car when they turn 16, except that instead of the Honda Fit, or even, like, a gently used Acura, you%26rsquo;re going straight to the Lexus.

What can you expect to see now on the GR PC channel? News, features, reviews, and previews from the PC Gamer and PC Gamer UK staffs, plus contributions from the GamesRadar staff. Tons of extras on stories you'll read in the magazine, like expanded screenshot galleries, full transcripts of interviews, and gameplay video. In fact, throughout every issue of PC Gamer, watch for this icon:

It means that if you jump online, you'll find more on that story right now. And of course, you%26rsquo;ll also find online exclusives we couldn't get into the mag.

If there's a great PC-gaming-specific website out there right now, I can't name it - in fact, I think we've all been looking for one for a long time. Teaming up with GamesRadar gives us a great shot at finally creating one. And at voting everyone else off the island.

May 7, 2008