Payday 3 leak shows a bank heist gone very wrong

Payday 3
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New Payday 3 gameplay has leaked online.

Yesterday, in the late hours of July 3, Reddit users noted that a new Payday 3 gameplay video had appeared on YouTube. The video showed 18 minutes of raw, uncut gameplay footage from the new shooter, but was pretty swiftly taken offline just a few hours after it was published.

The gameplay video kicks off right at the very outset of a bank heist, with the criminal crew descending on the bank from the roof to disable the security systems. There's a focus on stealth at the beginning of the mission, and the difficulty of undertaking a quiet mission as a group of four robbers quickly becomes apparent when they're all discovered by a guard.

You probably know how things go from here if you're familiar with Payday at all. Hostages are taken to be bargained with as the police close in on the bank (which is actually a new feature for Payday 3), and try as they might to complete the mission before the bank is raided, the robbers can't keep the cops out forever, who end up storming the bank in a firefight.

Ammo isn't limitless in Payday 3, but you might be glad to know you can collect ammo at specified points on the map, like in a locker. In fact, there's even a little lockpicking timer-based minigame to open things like lockers and cabinets, which will probably be a hell of a lot harder in the middle of a firefight.

Payday 3 is finally set to launch after many years of waiting later this year on September 21, coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. That's 2,670 days after Payday 3 was first announced, to be precise, but there's the nice bonus of it being an Xbox Game Pass day one launch.

Check out our Payday 3 hands-on preview for how we thought the game handled when we played it just a few months ago.

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