Payday 2 release date confirmed

Overkill Software has confirmed a Payday 2 release date of August 13 on Steam. While the four player co-op heist shooter is a digital-only release on PC, it'll launch in digital and physical form on Xbox 360 and PS3. Overkill has yet to confirm a price for the game, which is currently listed for £24.99 on Steam, although this could just be a placeholder.

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Payday 2 sees players choosing from four character archetypes and coordinating with friends as they embark on a series of bank heists and robberies. There's the bullet-absorbing Enforcer, the explosive expert Technician, the silent Ghost, and the brains-of-the-operation Mastermind. The sequel uses a new character progression system and skill upgrades. Get all of the details and watch the game in action in this developer demo.

“Looting a heavily guarded art museum is no walk in the park,” we said in a recent Payday 2 preview. “Turns out, there's an awful lot of planning, skill, and teamwork needed to pull off a heist, and all that is elaborately simulated in the Payday sequel.”