Paramount considering Jack Reacher sequel

Paramount studio heads are reportedly turning over the idea of a sequel to Tom Cruise action vehicle Jack Reacher , despite the film falling short of the studio’s box office target.

Having been met with critical indifference, the film had also performed sluggishly in the US, leading to reports that Paramount was set to cut its losses on the would-be franchise.

However, since then, the film’s global performance (in which Cruise’s star-power has been an undoubted factor) has seen it crawl to $200m worldwide, still $50m short of the studio’s $250 million target, but enough to make it think twice.

With the origin story introductions out of the way, Paramount’s thinking is that a sequel might have a wider appeal than the original, with Cruise’s involvement also likely to preclude an out-and-out bomb.

The project hasn’t been given the green light just yet, but studio bosses are thought to be crunching the numbers on a potential sequel. With a raft of subject material available in the form of Lee Child’s novels, don’t be surprised to see Jack Reacher given a second chance to shine in the not-too-distant future…

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