Pacific Rim will be biggest monster movie ever made

guillermo del toro

Director Guillermo del Toro has chatted a little about his next film Pacific Rim , branding it “the biggest giant monster movie ever made”.

While his plans to make Lovecraft epic At The Mountains Of Madness fell through, del Toro’s clearly having a ball crafting Pacific Rim instead.

Collider caught up with the director, and asked him how things are going on the PG-13 horror.

“Fantastic. I mean so far, knock on wood, it’s the greatest experience of my life,” enthuses the director.

“I’m having a blast, designing like crazy. I’m now hiring actors, which is always a good sign, always a great sign when you’re casting.

“The other thing that we’re heading towards is an impending start date the first week in November, so we have 20 weeks to start shooting the biggest giant monster movie ever made.”

Set on an alternate version of Earth, Pacific Rim takes place in the near future, and sees men using giant robots to fight invading aliens.

Pacific Rim opens 12 July 2013.

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