Overwatch Halloween skins you should grab before October ends

Player beware, you're in for a scare: Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event is in full swing, running through October 31 and bringing you a host of new treats. As with all Overwatch holidays, there's a bevy of new loot to covet, including themed skins, poses, icons, sprays, voice lines, and even highlight intros. But we all know what people value most: those sweet, sweet skins, which dress your favorite heroes up in outfits that would easily take first place in any costume contest. If you've been saving up credits or loot box purchases for this moment, here are all the amazing Overwatch Halloween skins you have a chance to get before the end of the month; unlock them now, and you'll be able to show off your spooky style to everyone all year 'round. To get a closer look at these candy-worthy skins, simply click the expand icon in the upper right of each image! 

Legendary skins (3000 credits): 

Swamp Monster Doomfist 

Channel Creature from the Black Lagoon and Hellboy's Abe Sapien with this fishy look for Doomfist, complete with gills, fins, and a seaweed belt. 

Banshee Moira 

This spooky look for Moira perfectly complements her abilities, as you drain the life from your opponents with your purple energy beams. 

Enchanted Armor Pharah 

Pharah always gets some of the best outfits, and the Enchanted Armor is no exception; on top of its regal design, you'll find that Pharah's got no head inside this spectral suit when she removes her helmet! 

Slasher: 76 Soldier: 76 

The obligatory Jason mask finally makes an appearance on Soldier: 76, which also outfits his rifle with a (non-functioning, sadly) chainsaw akin to Gears of War's Lancer. 

Bride Sombra 

With her green skin, tattered dress, and shock of white hair, Sombra looks ready to scare the daylights out of her enemies when she sneaks up and suddenly attacks their flank. 

Jack-O'-Lantern Wrecking Ball 

Hammond is really feeling the spooky holiday spirit, outfitting his mech to look like a sentient pumpkin (vine legs and all), and even donning an adorable little demon outfit himself. 

Epic skins (750 credits): 

Undead McCree 

Expect to see this skin a lot, because it makes everyone's favorite BAMF look even cooler as a zombified cowboy with green-glowing guts and a skull bandana. 

Pumpkin Mei 

In contrast to her previous ghost-themed skin, Mei's newest Halloween costume plays it straight, with a suit that looks like it was stitched together from pumpkin chunks. 

Spider Widowmaker 

Widowmaker's rocking a web-patterned black and purple outfit to match her many-eyed goggles, which even get their own Spider-Man-esque look. 

Don't forget: this is also the perfect opportunity to pick up Halloween skins from past years' selections, which all have reduced prices now that they're no longer new. If you waited patiently for the chance, here are all the skins you can pick up from the past Halloween Terror events: 

Halloween Terror 2017: 

  • Corsair Ana (1000 credits)
  • Van Helsing McCree (1000 credits)
  • Jiangshi Mei (1000 credits)
  • Dracula Reaper (1000 credits)
  • Dragon Symmetra (1000 credits)
  • Viking Tolbjorn (1000 credits)
  • Totally '80s Zarya (1000 credits)
  • Cultists Zenyatta (1000 credits)

Halloween Terror 2016: 

  • Dr. Junkenstein Junkrat (1000 credits)
  • Witch Mercy (1000 credits)
  • Pumpkin Reaper (1000 credits)
  • Junkenstein's Monster Roadhog (1000 credits)
  • Ghoul Ana (250 credits)
  • Tombstone Bastion (250 credits)
  • Demon Hanzo (250 credits)
  • Possessed Pharah (250 credits)
  • Coldhardt Reinhardt (250 credits)
  • Immortal Soldier: 76 (250 credits)
  • Vampire Symmetra (250 credits)
  • Skullyatta Zenyatta (250 credits)

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