The third Overwatch Anniversary event lets Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball shake their groove thangs

Overwatch is still going strong three years since launch, with the constant addition of new heroes and maps, the continued success of the Overwatch League, and player-created modes made possible by Overwatch Workshop codes. To celebrate, the third annual Overwatch Anniversary is kicking off on Tuesday, May 21 across all platforms, featuring new and returning cosmetics to unlock, a host of seasonal brawls, and a free trial week. But as we all know by now, the skins and dance emotes are what we're really here to see.

Lucky for us, Blizzard shared a sneak peek at the outfits being added for this year's event, with six new Legendary skins and three Epic skins in total. The latest is this handsome Gargoyle Winston look, which gives a meaner, stonier edge to everyone's favorite lightning-bolt-zapping gorilla. I know I certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a punch from those rocky fists:

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There's also Academy D.Va, a school uniformed, pigtailed look for the mech-piloting esports star that's sure to inspire boatloads of fanart and cosplays. I particularly like how the top of her neon pink mech has been redesigned to include a little Gundam-like head. 

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Alongside these and many more skins, we'll also have the chance to nab dance emotes for newcomers Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball, plus scads of sprays and likely a bunch of new voice lines. As with the other Anniversary events, you'll also be able to unlock previous seasonal cosmetic items from months and years past. The Arcade will also feature a daily rotation of seasonal brawls from prior events, including the most recent Overwatch Archives - Storm Rising mission.

You've got good reason to celebrate this year's Overwatch Anniversary, as logging in will grant you a free Legendary Anniversary loot box which guarantees one Legendary item. If you pony up for the 50 loot box bundle (with all previous season event loot added to the loot table during the event), you'll get a bonus Legendary Anniversary loot box added on top. For any prospective Overwatch players, you can dip your feet in with a free trial of Overwatch running from May 21 - 28.

The third Overwatch Anniversary event comes to close on June 10, so make sure to at least claim your free loot box by then, and cross your fingers that you nab one of those sweet new Legendary skins.

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