Best Overwatch Workshop codes: Our favorite new ways to play on the PTR so far

Blizzard gave Overwatch players an incredible tool for making their own fun in the Overwatch Workshop, which lets 'power users' (as lead designer Jeff Kaplan calls them) create complex scripts that enable custom modes and even hero tweaks. Even though the Overwatch Workshop is only available on the PC's Public Test Region servers at the moment, the community has already displayed some incredible creativity in devising clever scripts and entirely new modes. If you can think it, you can probably script it, and we've already seen gems like a working Portal gun, Torbjorn Golf, and even helpful practice rooms that help you train your aiming and grenade-lobbing skills

In my mind, though, the best Overwatch Workshop modes aren't just standalone novelties or silly sights like a Bastion shooting homing Torbjorns that heat-seek their targets. They're distinct, self-contained ways to play Blizzard's shooter, taking the familiar features of Overwatch - iconic heroes, great maps, good ol' competition - and reshaping them into something entirely unique. If you're willing to poke around the Overwatch PTR, you should definitely give these modes a try if you see them in the Custom Games list. Or, if you've got enough people to play with you, you can simply import the Overwatch Workshop codes you'll find here to instantly use the scripts for yourself. With any luck, they'll all make their way to the larger Overwatch populace whenever the Overwatch Workshop launches in full.

Spies vs Mercs

Created by: Chehtan
Code: 3R89H

Spies vs Mercs is a tribute to the cult-classic multiplayer mode of the same name from Splinter Cell series, an asymmetrical battle between well-armed soldiers and the stealthy infiltrators trying to slip past them in the shadows. In Overwatch terms, that translates to some combination of Soldier: 76, Baptiste, Windowmaker, and Ashe teaming up against a team of sneaky Sombras, as the Spies attempt to hack objectives strewn around the map while the Mercs need to defend them and eliminate any Sombra on sight. This excellent Overwatch Workshop mode even has some new abilities for each faction, like proximity stun mines and plantable cameras for the Mercs and smoke grenades for the Spies.  

Enhanced Ana Paintball

Created by: Jinko
Code: JCQ9S 

Ana Paintball is a staple of the Overwatch Custom Games browser, and Jinko's Enhanced Ana Paintball simply iterates on the great core idea. Ana, everyone's favorite team mom/healing sniper, is the only selectable character in this one-shot-kill deathmatch mode. To encourage fast play rather than camping, you'll need to quickscope or hipfire your sniper rifle, as staying scoped for too long will stun you (meaning you're as good as dead). If you aren't already an Ana pro, this map will make you one - especially given the fact that you can only score the game-winning kill with a well-timed sleep dart. Jinko is clearly still hard at work on Enhanced Ana Paintball, creating new map layouts with jump pads, constantly refining the scripts, and ironing out any pesky bugs, so be sure to check out this mode's dedicated Discord channel to see which version is the latest. 

Lava Parkour 

Created by: Cenlus
Code: 9DFF3

Parkour maps are all the rage with Fortnite Creative mode, so why can't Overwatch get in on the fun? This exceptionally well-designed parkour map set in Havana has 10 increasingly difficult checkpoints to strive for, but the kicker is that each successful run unlocks a new character with a completely different style of movement. You'll constantly need to relearn how to conquer each checkpoint, as you nimbly avoid the giant red death zones littered around the map. If you get stuck, watching one of your fellow Traceurs will surely lead to a 'Eureka' moment where you see the path forward and leap your way to victory (or at least the next checkpoint).

McCree's Hot Potato 

Created by: Kevlar
Code: 9J4NE

There's an inherent intensity to the game of Hot Potato, because no matter who dies, you're all getting burned. McCree's Hot Potato has everyone playing as the suave gunslinger, passing around a burning debuff that can kill you in no time flat. To save your skin from getting fatally singed, you can get rid of the Hot Potato by hitting someone else with a bullet or a punch; the last McCree standing gets a point. There's some strategy amidst the joyous chaos of passing the Potato around, as you should try to play ring-around-the-rosey and avoid line-of-sight with your opponents who are desperately trying to pass on their fiery curse. 

Two Heroes at Once 

Created by: Hawaiian_spawn
Code: Y1S15

It's amazing how you can start seeing Overwatch characters differently when you start combining their ability loadouts into one package. The hectic Two Heroes at Once mode lets you choose two heroes and swap between them on a short cooldown, which makes for some absurd combos. Leap into a group of enemies as Winston, then switch to Reaper for a killer Death Blossom ultimate! Pick McCree and Mei to instantly stun an enemy or go invincible on demand! Creator Hawaiian_spawn even programmed in some special touches, like hacker extraordinaire Sombra being able to see who others have selected as their secondary hero (and hopefully plan accordingly). 

Ashe's Highest Noon V2.0 

Created by: Unknown
Code: S3M3S

Apologies to the creator on this one - I dipped into a round of Ashe's Highest Noon and had myself a great time before the server suddenly closed and I couldn't see the author credits. This deathmatch mode makes everyone Ashe, and you'll need to swiftly take to the skies using her Coach Gun (now on a half-second timer) to avoid the damaging floor. It's a frenetic ballet of exchanging bullets in midair, as you balance between firing at your opponents and keeping yourself safely afloat in the lower gravity. Sharpshooters will have a blast with this one, and I hope the creator keeps working on it so I can give proper credit where it's due.

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