Overwatch 2 players will "have to wait" a little longer for PvE news

Overwatch 2 heroes battling
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An executive producer on Overwatch 2 has said fans shouldn't expect to hear about PvE in the immediate future.

Taking to Twitter, Blizzard's Jared Neuss spoke about the release of Overwatch 2's Season 2, which is set to release on December 6. A fan responded to the thread asking if we would be learning about PvE anytime soon, but Neuss tempered expectations, saying that news wasn't imminent and that fans would have to be a little more patient for the time being.

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It's worth noting that Neuss is talking about the timeframe of 'soon' in terms of Season 2 only. The new season will feature new tank Ramattra, a new map, a new battle pass, a mythic skin, and a whole host of balance changes that will include nerfs for Sojourn and buffs for underperforming tanks Doomfist and Junker Queen

Of course, the question now becomes what kind of timeframe players can expect the mysterious Overwatch 2 PvE mode to launch in. It's not going to be in Season 2, but is Season 3 possible, or will players be waiting until the end of next year to see what the long-promised mode looks like? For answers to that questions, fans will have to be patient. 

That said, as Overwatch 1 went through such long periods of having no new heroes or competitive maps, it's great to see the sequel getting such a quick turnaround of content through the Overwatch 2 roadmap. This will see the fourth new character added in just a little over two months, and while that cadence will be slowing down in the new year, Overwatch players can be happy that the game is now being continually updated. 

While it got off to a rocky start, the free-to-play Overwatch 2 is easily eclipsing the original game's daily player counts.

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