Overwatch 2 players tell streamers to chill over Doomfist buffs

Overwatch 2 tank tier list
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Overwatch 2 is in the midst of a Doomfist crisis - depending on who you ask.

Blizzard recently buffed Doomfist for all Overwatch 2 players, significantly increasing the capabilities of the Tank. Now, some prominent Overwatch 2 players are claiming that the character is effectively 'broken' thanks to the changes from Blizzard, saying the developer has gone a little too far.

However, both the Twitter examples above and below are rife with people rebutting the claims of Doomfist being overpowered. Plenty of Overwatch 2 players are pointing out that Doomfist was effectively considered 'useless' by the player base at large prior to the recent patch, so it’s natural Blizzard would want to give the character a fighting chance. 

What Overwatch 2 players really can’t agree on is how Doomfist’s changes have affected the wider game - has Blizzard made it unfair for other characters, or does the Tank now stand a fighting chance? The answer to those questions varies a lot depending on who you ask, that much is clear. 

Earlier this year in October, Blizzard singled out Doomfist as one of the game’s weaker characters, and said they were "trying to find a bit more of an identity for Doomfist." Lead hero designer Alec Dawson then went on to say that "trying to overcome Doomfist’s weakness… is a point of priority for the team."

Considering this clear focus from Blizzard, is it any wonder Doomfist has been significantly buffed? Overwatch 2 players will say what they want about the Tank’s reworks, but one thing they can’t argue is that the changes for Doomfist came out of nowhere, or were without good reason, considering Blizzard’s clear vision. 

If you're still not feeling Doomfist then try the new Overwatch 2 Ramattra character if you want a tank option.  

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