Overwatch 2 fan makes entire new Ultimate out of one Kiriko voiceline

Overwatch 2 Kiriko
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An Overwatch 2 fan has designed a new ultimate for the game's newest hero, Kiriko. 

As spotted on Reddit and by Overwatch Cavalry, YouTube creator Rarithlynx redesigned the hero's kit to give her an ultimate that sees her produce a motorcycle which she uses to run over other heroes. It's unlike anything currently in the game and is notable for how unique it is to see a vehicle like this in the context of Overwatch 2. 

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This reimagined ultimate is based on in-game lore and voice lines that reveal Kiriko is an avid motorcyclist. In one voice line, she notedly says, "wait 'til you see me on my bike." In Overwatch's story, Kiriko currently runs with a group called the Yokai who spend their time trying to thwart the Hashimoto gang which took over her city. Kanezaka.

This clip even caught the eye of Overwatch 2 writer Justin Groot, who seemingly has approved of the chaos. In a Tweet, he shared his appreciation, saying: 

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While this looks like a lot of fun, some fans might be sad to see the support's Kitsune Rush ultimate leave the game. Not only is it one of the most powerful abilities on the roster, but it also features a very cute spirit fox that runs to create a street of Torii gates. It's pretty great. Dont worry though, obviously this is a fan creation, so don't expect to see anything like this in-game in the future .

However, Kiriko's title as the newest Overwatch 2 character is not going to last long. The game's 36th hero, Ramattra, has been announced, and the new tank is set to arrive on December 6 with the launch of Season 2. He'll be accompanied by a new map, as well as several balance changes to heroes like Sojourn, Doomfist, and Junker Queen. A new support will be coming in Season 4 too, so Kiriko will also find herself with new competition before long. 

Overwatch 2 recently disabled Mei for a few weeks to stop a game-breaking exploit making her the third hero taken out since launch  – though she has now returned to the game.

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