Over 1400 PS4s now affected by Anthem crashing bug, and now EA needs your help to fix it [UPDATED]

UPDATE: EA has confirmed that a patch is coming out to fix the bug next week. 

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As I’m sure you’ve heard, there’s currently a console-breaking bug lurking in Anthem that has a chance to completely shut down your PS4 - basically imagine someone pulling the plug - leading many gamers to rightfully fear that their console is going to be bricked. EA is working on a fix, but it’s in dire need of your help to figure out what’s going on in Anthem to cause such a serious issue. You can report your issue on this thread, and you’ll be joining over 1400 other users who are suffering from the same problem. 

At the time of writing the number is currently at 1494, which far outstrips any of the other issues on the Anthem message board. Among the things EA is asking for is the PlayStation Console, PSN ID, and information about the crash - namely, when it took place and if players are “having to take specific steps to get your PlayStation going again?”, and whether they’ve reported their crash data. When it comes to what actually caused the crash, people’s responses range from crashes happening during loading screens, quickplay missions, when they try to close the game app, randomly, or while just walking around Fort Tarsis. 

Needless to say, things are not looking good. Some gamers are demanding a full refund, which I honestly don’t blame them for, with others worried that as their PS4 is out of warranty they wouldn’t be able to get a replacement if it was bricked by the bug. With over 150 pages of crash reports from players all over the globe, let’s hope this gets fixed as soon as possible. 

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