Outriders demo update is coming with loot changes and faster matchmaking

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Outriders demo is getting an update of its own ahead of the full game's arrival next month, and it has some changes in store for hardcore loot collectors.

The demo is limited to just the opening portion of the game (which is still quite extensive for what it is), but players will be able to carry all of their progress and equipment over to the full version of the game when it comes out on April 1. People Can Fly explained on Reddit that it isn't going to put a stop to players amassing gear and mods from the demo content in pursuit of being completely overprepared for launch, but they are making Epic and Legendary items a little harder to farm from otherwise un-fun yet efficient activities.

Specifically, Epic items will no longer show up in shop or vendor lists, and chests will no longer drop legendary items (Outriders Loot Cave 2021-2021, gone but not forgotten). However, the devs are adding a chance for Legendary items to drop as rewards when you repeat sidequests, and drops rates from enemies themselves are remaining the same. All of these changes will arrive via a backend update to the demo on Friday, which won't require a patch on the player end.

A patch will follow sometime next week with client-side tweaks, including a new motion blur toggle and tweaks for faster matchmaking across all platforms. People Can Fly obviously needs to work on the full game too, so you probably shouldn't expect too many more big patches just for the demo. Still, this level of support and transparency this early on is a good sign for Outriders' future.

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