Oscars 2011: More nomination reactions

Since the 83rd Annual Academy Awards nominations were announced on Tuesday, the nominees have been reacting to their nods.

Following yesterday's news of reactions from Darren Aronofsky, Colin Firth, Natalie Portman and more, read on for the latest slew of comments courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

David Fincher (Best Director nominee, The Social Network )

"I'm very grateful and humbled by the nominations for The Social Network ."

"I'm incredibly proud of the work of my wildly talented collaborators in front of and behind the camera- all of whom gave the best of themselves and their talents in service to a film about a ground-breaking American innovation."

"This directing nomination represents the sum of the work of all of us, and I want to acknowledge the vast contributions to this film of all of my good friends and creative partners."

"The success of our movie belongs to many people, and this nomination is theirs to share."

Tom Hooper (Best Director nominee, The King's Speech )

"I am absolutely overwhelmed by the twelve Oscar nominations for The King's Speech . I am so grateful to the Academy. I am incredibly proud of my extraordinary cast and crew."

"This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life."

Jennifer Lawrence (Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role nominee, Winter's Bone )

"I had already done my screaming and jumping because [co-star] John Hawkes had been nominated and he got announced before, so I was just kind of still out of breath, heart still beating from that."

"I didn't really feel anything at first and then when I was looking at the TV and I heard my name and saw my face on the television screen, I just kind of snapped."

"All my friends and family started jumping up around me and started screaming so I followed suit and started screaming."

Jeff Bridges (Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role nominee, True Grit )


Jackie Weaver (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role nominee, Animal Kingdom )

"It's so nice to have received this lovely present today. I've been so worried that everyone at home would be disappointed, but now I think they're probably thrilled for me!"

"As a little girl, I always watched the Oscars from 12,000 miles away. To find out that I'm a part of it is beyond imagination."

Lee Unkrich (director of Best Picture and Best Animated Feature nominee Toy Story 3 )

"My head is spinning. We had a '3' in the title. We made a decision very early on that we wanted to make a sequel that was worthy of sitting beside the first two Toy Story films. We wanted it to resonate."

"I hope to see more animated films in the best picture category."

"Animation is as vital to cinema as anything else being made out there. This was a meaningful nomination for us."

Producer Mark Wahlberg (Best Picture nominee, The Fighter )

"It has been such an incredible journey with The Fighter and one that I am grateful to share with David O. Russell, Christian [Bale], Melissa [Leo], Amy [Adams], my fellow producers and the Ward and Eklund families, who are the heart and soul of the film."

"Thank you to the Academy for this tremendous honor."

Producer Todd Lieberman (Best Picture nominee, The Fighter )

"It's so hard to get a movie made, and then you strive to get the best version of that movie made, and then when the movie you make exceeds any version of what you thought it could have been, and you're watching the Academy Awards nominations, and you hear your movie, I don't know not to sound cheesy, but you get a tear swelling in your eye."

"It's an emotional thing."

Producer Kevin Spacey (Best Picture nominee, The Social Network )

"I'm enormously proud of the film and incredibly delighted that we were able to be so lucky to get Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher to pair up, and for Sony to have stepped up and said, 'Yes, we'll produce a movie that doesn't have any explosions or car crashes or gunfights, or any real sex."

Producer Michael DeLuca (Best Picture nominee, The Social Network )

"I'm deeply grateful to the Academy for recognizing The Social Network with eight nominations. It's a recognition for every single one of the many many people who had a hand in bringing this film to life- both in front of and behind the cameras."

"I'm so incredibly proud to be a producer on this film. The mirror it holds up in terms of underscoring the universal, timeless human need for love, friendship and acceptance is a testament to Aaron Sorkin's brilliant script and David Fincher's masterful direction."

"Every producer in his career wants to be a part of a film like this one. Making the film, and being a part of it continues to be an incredible gift."

Producer Jeffrey Levy-Hinte (Best Picture nominee, The Kids Are All Right )

"We are overjoyed that the Academy gave our film four nominations -- what a journey, from years getting the movie together to Sundance last year to the Kodak Theatre next month!"

"We made the film because we had something to say about the power of love, and I want to thank the Academy members from the bottom of my heart for showing us their love!"

Producer Darla K. Anderson (Best Picture and Best Animated Feature nominee, Toy Story 3 )

"My heart was pounding. When you hear your name being called off with the other nominees, you feel completely honored. We don't take anything for granted."

Mike Leigh (Best Original Screenplay nominee, Another Year )

"I'm thrilled to bits."

Stuart Blumberg (Best Original Screenplay nominee, The Kids Are All Right )

"Try as I could to act cool and not care, as soon as I heard our names called, I started crying like a little kid. Pardon the cliche, but this truly is a dream come true."

"I want to thank the Academy for this most phenomenal honor."

Michael Arndt (Best Adapted Screenplay nominee, Toy Story 3 )

"I've spent my whole life being inspired and moved by the work of the screenwriters of the Academy, so to be recognized by the writers branch this morning is deeply gratifying and profoundly humbling."

"While I wish I could hog all the credit for myself, I would have gone nowhere and done nothing without the collective brilliance of the entire creative community at Pixar, who have always maintained that 'story comes first' and who are crazy enough to actually believe it."

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