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Original Grand Theft Auto pitch document surfaces

The12-page pitch was posted by Mike Daily, an original member of Rockstar North's first incarnation, DMA Design Ltd. In it, Race 'n' Chase is described as a “fun, addictive, multi-player car racing and crashing game" which would allow players to commit illegal hijinx using a variety of land, sea and air vehicles throughout three different cities inspired by New York, Venice and Miami.

Even more intriguing are the proposed game modes, which include Cannonball Run, a straightforward race that (sadly) makes no mention of Burt Reynolds or Dom DeLuise; Demolition Derby, a free-roaming death match; and Bank Robbery, a cops-and-robbers mode which casts players on both sides of the law.

The document goes on to outline the proposed game's massive, multi-screen levels that would require the use of a pre-packaged map to navigate. It also included plans to populate said levels with smashable pedestrians including school children, dogs and so-called lollipop ladies.

Minus the Race 'N Chase moniker and the ability to outright murder children, it appears much of DMA's original vision made it into the 1997 release. The full design packet, along with familiar gameplay elements and modest mid-90s PC specs, can be read at Mike Daily's Flickr page.

Mar 22, 2011

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