Onimusha Movie put on indefinite hold

Announced way back in 2003, given a director 2 years ago, and having confirmed a star a year ago, the film based on the erstwhile Capcom series Onimusha has now hit a big snag, according to an article on movie siteAin't It Cool News.

Since the games featured International films stars (most notably Jean Reno), and had very theatrical ways of telling stories, it seemed only natural to adapt it for the screen. The film producers were even able to cast Takeshi Kaneshiro (star of House of Flying Daggers), the basis for the main character of the first and third games in the series. They were also able to get director Christophe Gans, who helmed the almost good Silent Hill film. Things were looking up.

Silence followed for a long time until this recent, unfortunate news. Apparently several things were to blame; Kaneshiro’s schedule, a looming actor’s strike, Gans making some other movie about the Devil. They even say the tragic death of Heath Ledger played some part, as one of Onimusha’s producer was also working on Ledger’s next feature which has obviously been thrown into chaos.

If it ever is made, they estimate it won’t be until 2011. At that time, we wonder what even the point is. Capcom looks to have left the series behind, and its estimated launch will be FIVE years after the last game was released.

One bit of interesting news from this was that there will be a Silent Hill 2 film made, with information coming soon. Try to contain yourselves.

March 27, 2008