One of Scarlet and Violet's strongest Pokemon has been a total joke for the last 23 years

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has re-introduced a joke Pokemon from all the way back in Gen 2 as a real force to be reckoned with.

Like a petite middle-schooler who was bullied just one too many times, got his growth spurt over Summer, and started high school looking like a star quarterback, the silly Gen 2 penguin Pokemon Delibird has come to Scarlet and Violet with competitive stats and a thirst for blood.

For some context, Delibird is an Ice/Flying-type Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. It kind of looks like a pot-bellied penguin cosplaying as Santa Claus and, due to its abysmally low stats and relatively harmless moveset, Delibird has been the butt of the joke in the Pokemon community for 23 years. But with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players are being reminded of the age-old adage about being careful who you call ugly in middle school - and we're not just talking about the nerds who know all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers for tests. 

*Some minor Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story spoilers will be discussed just below, so turn back now if you don't want anything spoiled*

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To be clear, we're actually referring to Iron Bundle, the Paradox Pokemon revealed to be the Future Form of Delibird. Iron Bundle was recently banned from popular competitive Pokemon community Smogon for being too OP, and the website now lists it under the 'Uber' category of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - a designation reserved for the strongest Pokemon in the game.

Of course, this is all to say that should you come across an Iron Bundle in the wild, don't underestimate the cute Santa penguin. In fact, you might even take a cue from these Scarlet and Violet players claiming to manipulate the game's RNG to ensure their deadliest attacks always hit, that way you might have a chance at actually catching one.

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