One Missed Call and Frank Darabont's Mist...

If it’s the end of summer, it must be time for autumn, and autumn means horror. At least, it does around Total Film Towers.

So to send you quivering with fear into the weekend, we offer two fresh new horror trailers – one for Frank Darabont’s latest stab at Stephen King in The Mist and one for yet another Japanese remake, One Missed Call.

Darabont’s return to the world of King has us excited - after all, his Shawshank Redemption remains one of the best King adaptations ever filmed. But this is something entirely different - with the morality tale-meets-monsters take anchored by Thomas Jane. Still, after hearing Darabont talk about the movie at Comic Con and seeing footage from it, we can assure you it looks good. Check out the trailer here .

Looking less promising is One Missed Call, a transplant from Japan which finds all of Shannyn Sossamon’s friends and relations dying one by one after receiving mysterious and ooky, and altogether spooky missed calls on their phones. Can she work out what’s behind the strange deaths? And will anyone believe her? Well, someone does – cop Ed Burns.

The fact that this one has been shuffled around the schedule (Total Film was on set a year ago and it’s now been pushed back to February next year) doesn’t really bode well, but we were shown some fun stuff on that set day, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Peep the trailer here .

source:( Yahoo Movies )

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